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Keep Warm Mishits!

Marcelo has a B. S. in English Education and experience as a Spanish teacher. He enjoys science fiction and fantasy.

The Mishits


It was fall, and soon it would be winter. The weather was changing. The days were getting shorter, and the nights were getting longer. The air was cold.

A generous neighbor had given mommy and daddy a very nice house for the Mishits. It was a little big house for the Mishits: too little for Mommy and Daddy, but big enough for both Mishits.

But throughout the summer, the Mishits had avoided the house. They had been in it a couple of times, but they much preferred to spend their time hiding under Daddy's car.

Daddy didn't like them spending their time under his car. Who knows what trouble they might get into, he thought. So Daddy thought all summer long about how to get the Mishits to use their little big house.

Daddy had an idea. He put together the crates his dogs had used a long time ago—he joined both crates into one large crate. Then, he put the kittens' little big house inside the large crate.

Inside the little big house, Daddy had put a cozy bed and three warm blankets. Inside the large crate (but outside the little big house), he put the kittens' litter box, a water dish with plenty of water, and plenty of food.

Now, all daddy had to do was to put the Mishits inside the large crate and close it. Eventually, the Mishits would get cold and use the little big house.

Mommy was worried. Would it be too cold in the crate? "No," Daddy said, "They'll be warm in the little big house."

That night, daddy wanted to check if the Mishits had gone into the little big house. From a window in the second floor, daddy shone a flashlight to check on the Mishits. Sure enough, they had eaten the food and gone inside the little big house to keep warm.

The little big house had a flap door with a small window to let fresh air in. But inside, the kittens were comfy and warm on the soft bed and under the blankets.

The Mishits slept together, hugging and snuggling each other. They kept each other warm, and the blankets caught the heat of their little bodies. The insulated roof and walls of the little big house also trapped the heat and shielded the kittens from the cold. Moreover, from time to time, the kittens tooted out a warm and stinky fart to warm up the air.

Kitten farts may smell bad to us humans, but the kittens don't mind them at all—especially in the fall, when they help to keep them warm inside the little big house.

Little Big House Inside Crate




© 2020 Marcelo Carcach

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