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Raining Alone

Jurica is currently a student at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. An amateur writer and a football fan.

Raining alone

It rained. A young man was sitting under a tree that protected him from the rain. But not fully, so he was, you could say, half wet. He was sitting there with his arms tightly wrapped up around his body, thinking. He was kind of cold but didn't really feel it. He couldn't feel anything because he was so focused in his mind. Besides him and the tree he was sitting under was no one. Just the vast, spacious rainforest. Mud, sand, leaves, plants and trees. A sky full of stars and the moon. No animals that he could see. No other sound than the sound of the rain falling around, and partially on him as well. He thought of his family and friends.

He thought about how, only yesterday, they were all together. And now he's here, stuck under this tree. Suddenly, he felt pain in his leg. As he looked at it, his face contorted in pain. There was a big, open wound on his ankle. He thought that rain must've washed it away already since it wasn't visible. Now, combined with those thoughts, it hurt him. He just wanted to revert time. But that, he couldn't do. They were chasing him. They were still somewhere in the forest, unwilling to give up. And he was left here to die, under this tree, unable to escape. Even if they didn't come. Soaked by the rain, he was desperate for help. He didn't want to end like this. He had a strong will. He was a fighter. But so tired. So he closed his eyes and fell asleep, hoping they wouldn't find him in his sleep.

There was a flame. A bright light and that flame. Another tree, carved. Flame ate it, flame devoured the tree. Then it disappeared, the light remained. He opened his eyes. But as he looked around, day lit up, the sun was shining brightly.There was no sign of rain now. He looked at the wound. It was still there, burning out of pain. He looked away, at the tree in front of him. That looked like the tree from his dream. No, it can't be, he's just mistaking. Will it get eaten by a flame? He laughed at that, of course it will not. Then he heard footsteps behind him. They were coming. So, this is it? They found him. He is going to die. He began to say a prayer when the tree in front of him suddenly lit up on fire and he could see flames starting to eat it. Fire formed and scared them away, so he was saved. Or not, then he thought, 'cause he will be burned to death. He closed his eyes and continued with his prayer. The tree got engulfed in flame. Then, when he opened his eyes, it disappeared.

There was no fire anymore. Just the bright sunlight. They backed off as well. Was he saved? And how? Soon after, a group of people showed up in front of him, people that surely put out the fire. People who saved him from certain death because he couldn't run to escape. Now they carried him to their camp to take care of his wound. He smiled and felt blessed. They took care of him and were very polite and kind. But after a few days, when he wanted to go home, they wouldn't let him. They wanted him to stay with them. Not only did they want him to stay, but have also placed guards around the camp so he wouldn't escape. He felt trapped and unhappy. Like a prisoner.

And he was just that. So later that night, he sat under another tree and thought. Thought of all the nice things he missed now. Thought about them until his eyes closed. Rain started falling down again as he fell asleep.

Babic, Jurica

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© 2017 Jurica Babic

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