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Raindrops and Teardrops Per Brenda’s Prompt

I'm interested in social issues, relationships, problems of daily living, jobs, exercise, poems and fiction, plus safer living conditions.


13th Prompt from Brenda Arledge

Brenda Arledge has given us a prompt 13 weeks in a rom, and this week the prompt is raindrops. I felt this word gave us several thoughts, and I started thinking about it. I like to take my time and think about what I will write.

I have now written an acrostic poem and a short story to meet this challenge.

Acrostic Poem

Raindrops are like teardrops

Always will be ready to flow

In response to hurt and pain

No smiles and no more glow

Do not despair and cry today

Reign in your tears and pray

Or understand this won’t stay

Pull up those bootstraps

Say no to tears, push them away



Jennifer closed the drapes as she was tired of watching the storm. Tom had left in a hurry in response to her angry words, and she knew he would not be back for a while. He had slammed the door, jumped in his sporty car and sped away.

Jennifer was hurt and teardrops flowed down her face. Oscar, her tuxedo cat, rubbed against her legs and meowed as he sensed something was wrong. Jennifer reached down and scooped him up. She put him in her lamp and snuggled with him.

Tom is a six foot tall, good looking man with green eyes and dark hair. He did not like Jennifer questioning his motives, and he was going to spend the money for that motorcycle whether she liked it or not. He had driven home drunk the night before, then when he woke up Saturday morning all he could talk about was buying a motorcycle. Some guy he met in the bar last night was selling one. He thought it was a good deal, and he had always wanted one despite the ongoing money woes.

Jennifer was concerned about the bills and how much Tom was drinking lately. They both had college loans to pay off, and they lived in a small apartment. Jennifer cried until she was out of tears.


When Jennifer woke up Sunday morning Tom had not come home. She knew they couldn’t go on like this. She called her Aunt Lorie, a wise lady, as she had always felt close to her. She knew her parents would give her the ‘I told you so’ line. She pulled her long auburn hair back and slipped on a pair of jeans and an old shirt.

Once Jennifer got to her aunt’s house she started to cry before she could tell her aunt about the problem. After several minutes when she became more composed she told her aunt what was happening with Tom.

Her aunt looked into her blue eyes slowly and said, “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know,” said Jennifer.

“Well, you need to decide if you want to end this marriage or if you want to see if it can be fixed.”

“I want to fix it if possible”, said Jennifer.

“Then, you need to tell Tom exactly that,” said Aunt Lorie. “Communication is everything in any relationship. Yelling or being angry will not fix your problems.”

“I don’t know if Tom will do anything different,” whined Jennifer.

“Well, maybe it is time to present an ultimatum”, said her aunt. “As I said, communication Jennifer!”

“I know you are right Aunt Lorie, and I will try”.

When Jennifer went home Tom was in bed. Later that afternoon when Tom arose Jennifer was ready to talk to him.

“Tom, if you want this marriage to work you have to get some help with your drinking. I don’t want to be angry with you, and I want us to move forward together. I want us to be happy like we were two years ago when we married.”

“I know”, said Tom. “I can’t seem to stop drinking, Last night I drank so much I passed out in the car. I don’t really want to stop drinking but I know it is a problem.” Tom looked down as teardrops ran down his cheeks.

Jennifer was glad to hear Tom admit he had a problem. I know of a center that can help, Tom. I love you, and I want our marriage to work.”

“I love you too Jennifer. I haven’t meant to hurt you.”

”I know Tom. I really do.”

Tom entered rehab that day. Jennifer was so happy that he was getting help. There were no teardrops that day.

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

© 2021 Pamela Oglesby