Rabbit and the Snowdrop Lady

Updated on February 10, 2017
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Eva Weggelaar is a writer and translator, especially interested in poetry and folklore. She also runs her own blog: Paradise is this Way.


The whole house had been thoroughly cleaned and the yuletide decorations had been taken away, to make everything ready for spring.

She went outside with Rabbit to bring the boughs of holly and ivy with which the house had been decorated back to the woods. They placed them under a beautiful green fir tree and then continued on their way, looking for the first flowers of spring.

Well-protected buds crowned the trees and bushes and snowdrops covered the ground, their small white flowers bent down to the earth.

She and Rabbit lay down on the ground to see whether they could hear the bells ring, but they couldn't hear a thing. "I think we should have come earlier, before sunrise," she said to Rabbit, who nodded in agreement.

But the moment they were about to get up, they noticed a small lady coming from among the flowers. She looked like a snowdrop herself, dressed as she was in a white and green cloak. On her arm she carried a basket filled with the seeds from last autumn and in her hands she held a green birch leaf on which stood a lot of tiny burning candles.

The lady smiled at them and said, "We snowdrops announce the spring, as the first flowers after the long winter. We travel through the woods with these candles so that everyone will know that it's time to wake up. Please, take these seeds home with you and place them on the windowsill tonight, so the light of the moon can shine on them. Plant them when the day and night are the same length and make a wish. It will come true when the plants start growing."

She gave them the basket with seeds. Then she walked away and the light of the tiny candles lit up her tiny face until she disappeared among the snowdrops.


They walked for hours through the woods after that, taking it in turns to carry the basket. That night she placed a candle on the windowsill, and Rabbit put the basket next to it, just as the Snowdrop Lady had asked.

The crescent of the waxing moon was visible between the clouds, and its light shone on the seeds. And it was almost as if they could hear the sound of ringing of bells come from the basket.


© 2017 Eva Weggelaar


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    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 15 months ago from Norfolk, England

      That's a lovely story. I love the pictures.

    • Eva Weggelaar profile image

      Eva Weggelaar 15 months ago

      Bedankt Mindert!

    • Mindert de Wit profile image

      Mindert de Wit 15 months ago

      Eva, dit is me uit het hart gegrepen. Mijn lievelingsbloem is het Sneeuwklokje, ik ben een sneeuwklokjesliefhebber.