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Quick & Inarticulate

For the sake of not being formal. Floating through people just as you.

distilled feelings turned into words


Perhaps its the same with you too, in some way or the other. Today or tomorrow. Whenever. That sudden openness you feel when you have to construct your reply in a sentence and speak all the while, even for a moment that is.

Unless you are me, and that is unlikely, the way I fumble, and press myself to speak. I know all the while what I want to say, buy my words before they know this moment is to come. But then, I choose to nod my head and stay silent because hey, I wish to be passive this way, imbibing the quietness of being, wholly aware of the presence of still, running beauty of the day.

Quickly I will return to this exact moment at the end of the day; dear to me, in a spectacle through the images that play in my mind. Quickly will I devour my page with words, commas, and small clauses to know for sure why I did not do such a thing today. Why did I face the way I did in the morning? Why did I doodle beside the staircase wall; a little cupboard with flies forming a nest? Why did I choose to cross the road in a trance? All these little moments where the heavy world will not intrude with its menace, where the dread and the despair will not enter; here I will make space for a brief span of quiet, yearning desire to float through people just as I desire.

© 2019 Santanu Das

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