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Innocent Questions at the Zoo


Why have all the beautiful animals all been so hurt and killed,

And now there are only just a few of them each left, to remain?

Just who is responsible for these deaths, their very sad demise,

And what are those life takers trying to get, or hoping to gain?


Must we keep all the precious animals in zoos, their lives to protect,

It seems so sad that they can't roam and to fly... this we must object!

Why are their furs used for clothing, their feathers, just to decorate,

Who would feel so good to shoot a fine creature, then to celebrate?


When will the people in charge decide it is time to stop all the killing,

Aren't there many other finer ways of their life's goals in fulfilling?

When is it way too late to save the few that are now left to multiply,

Or will it be the great loss of life in the world for those only to deny?


If all the creatures of earth are lost, never to be seen here again,

Will we all die away one day, because of a few bad people's sin?

Is there any way that we can just stop the poisoning of this earth,

When is enough evidence that all is wrong, be shown, of its worth?


Did God make us and all the beautiful animals upon this planet to stay,

Or did he just want to keep us here for a while, then take our lives away?

Daddy, why are you crying and what did I say to make you feel so sad,

All I wanted was to ask why we all live and act the way we do, the bad?



all rights reserved and under copyright law 2016


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