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Quanah's Big Adventure With Auntie Gala

Snowmaggedon in Texas


Big Snow in Texas

It was snowing again in Texas! It just snowed recently, which was a big event in Texas where it usually doesn't snow except in the Panhandle. But here it was, snowing again. The snow kept falling and falling.

It was the second day Quanah woke up to a dark house. The electricity had gone out and since the furnace needed electricity to ignite, it was getting cold in the house. By that evening, it was very cold in the house and the only warm spot was in the bed. And even worse, the water stopped running, too.

Quanah's Auntie Gala invited Quanah's mama and daddy and Quanah and Itty Bitty Lily Kitty to stay with her, so they were all getting ready to go...except for the kitty who decided to hide and not come out.

Quanah rode in the car over to Auntie Gala's house. It was a scary ride because of the snow everywhere on the road. He could tell Mama Judy was a little scared while driving on it.

He had never been inside Auntie Gala's and had never met her two dogs, Chloe and Chester. However they soon found out they all liked each other because Chloe and Chester, who were intended to meet Quanah the next day, decided to barge in and meet him that night.

Quanah had a nice crate to sleep in with a nice, soft dog bed inside. They all settled down quickly and went to sleep.

Next morning he got to meet Chloe and Chester personally and go outside with them into the snow. They were not too fond of it as you could tell by the way they lifted their feet high out of the snow. But business was soon taken care of and everyone was back in the house. They took naps together during the day.

Something scary happened the second night. Daddy Lou fell and broke his elbow. Quanah was very upset because strange people came in the house and took his dad away on a funny high bed with wheels. But later that night a nice man who was a nurse brought Daddy Lou back to the house. Quanah heard Mama and Auntie Gala say that Daddy broke his elbow, but he didn't know what that meant. Daddy was pretty grumpy!

The next morning, everyone was together again and Quanah felt more at home. He was getting used to eating in the crate and then meeting up with Chloe and Chester to hang out and play together. They had a good time, especially Chester who liked having a boy buddy to hang out with.

The snow was melting so on Saturday, his mama and daddy decided to go home. The neighbors said the electricity was back on. His mama and daddy loaded up the car to leave. But for some unknown reason, Quanah thought he had to stay and went back to his crate and laid down.

Mama quickly went back to the bedroom to find him and bring him out. They all piled into the the car and Mama drove slowly home. The house was still cold inside but the heat was on and it was warming up.

Itty Bitty Lily Kitty came out to meet them all, but especially her favorite boy, Quanah. He was very glad to be home and quickly curled up on the bed to take a nap in his very own home.

Judy Ward

March 22, 2021

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