The Meaning of Prayer with Four Featured Prayers

Updated on September 22, 2019
Tim Truzy info4u profile image

Tim Truzy is a minister in a Christian church, and he has participated in other religions.

People may gather together at church to pray.
People may gather together at church to pray. | Source

What is Prayer?

In general, prayer is a devoted offering of thanks to an object or to a deity. Specifically, prayer refers to sincere communications with God verbally or in some other manner, such as dancing. Indeed, the ways in which mankind engage in praying are vast and not the sole property of one particular group. However, religious groups or individuals may have their preferences. For example, I enjoy praying in the morning, meeting the rising sun, and giving thanks for another day as well as spending time in the evening HAVING spiritual CONVERSATIONS with the Creator. It is not through voice, thought, or writing where these talks occur; it is spiritual dialogue, ongoing and never-ending within the soul. The natural state of the soul is to be in perpetual praise of the Almighty, a fact agreed upon by most of the world’s religions.

All religions which recognize Him use pauses and silences, repetition in gestures or phrases, and showing reverence when praying in some way. People may have a favorite activity to do when they pray, like walking. Others may choose to sit completely still. Although there is no particular way to pray, there are many books written on the topic to help people feel more comfortable doing so. Incidentally, there are great books and poems written in love of God which are prayers. They include such works as the Book of Psalms in the Bible, and many works by others with spiritual insight and a strong connection to God. Below are four poems which I composed in honor and love of my savior Jesus Christ. They are prayers as well.


What inspires you to pray?

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People may pray for nature.
People may pray for nature. | Source

Prayer for the Environment

O my Lord! Thou art the mouth from which the rivers of life flow forth. Praise is to Thee, O my God, for being the tree from which all branches of humanity has grown. O Thou art my calming Breeze, my Tranquil Lake, and my Valley of Peace.

O my God. We behold the making of things by man and Thee. Alas, those things brought forth by the hands of the temporary existence are thusly to be so. Those things given unto forever shall remain inasmuch seethe the will of the Almighty. Allow us to take care of the reoccurring permanency of life on this world in congruence with the plan for humanity to stay on this Earth.

Let Thy servants plow the fertile fields with eternal thanks and recognition from whom the seed was created. Let the wisdom of Thy prophets always be the fertilizer which keeps the seeds of joy and prosperity flourishing in our hearts. Let mankind irrigate ignorance and despair with the Spring of Thy Replenishing Water. Let us drink from the Fountain of Love; Let our feast be of the Eternal Peace of Knowing Thee.

Verily, thou art the Eternal gardener and Farmer. Thou art the Almighty Harvester of Our Souls. Thy servants will be a crop of blossoming plants because of Thine shed blood upon the Cross, bringing us redemption in our springtime. Even as we lose our animal nature, we seek to be gentle unto the beasts of the land, water, and air. We grow as ripening spiritual beings, digesting the fruit of the Tree of Life. Forever and ever. Amen.

Some people prefer to pray outdoors.
Some people prefer to pray outdoors. | Source

Prayer for Peace

Praise be to Thee, o my God! Thou art the Peace Maker. Thou art the Negotiator and General in defense of Thy servants. Thou art the safe Harbor where shelter can be found from the turbulent seas of turmoil and tribulation.

On every side, enemies seek to wound and draw me away from the destiny Thou hath promised in the Holy Books given unto men by the prophets. Their weapons fail. Likewise, their projectiles of misconduct and envy fall harmlessly at the feet of the One Born in Bethlehem. Their torches flow no more in radiating hate and fury, doused by the Waters of the Ocean of Love. Nay, I pray their fight within to cease and find the Ally greater than that of a Brother or Mother. Let them seek only the caring Arms of the Great Admiral who commands the seas of thing seen and invisible.

Thou art glorified beyond any treaties made of man. Thou art the Ambassador of Hope, Joy, and Faith. Verily, there is no other God but Thee who sent his Son forth to end all battles among mankind. Through Him, all wars are no more within the soul. We rejoice and say amen.


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People may pray for their fellow humans.
People may pray for their fellow humans. | Source

Prayer for Humanity

O my God. Praise be to the One True Creator. We are gathered beneath the tree of Thy Benevolence, from every corner of this world, one mankind. We rise above pettiness on the Clouds of Thy Compassion. We walk together on the soil of Thy Mercy. We prosper when we remember Thee and act according to Thy will.

Afflictions surround and thrive in every dwelling where Thou hath placed mortals. Disease torments the weak and great alike. Poverty is a cancer seeking to eat away the heart of humanity. Disturbances made of our own hands coil upon us like vipers from dens of despair, destruction, and desolation, poisoning our determination and resolve.

Yet, we behold the Truth of Thy Word. It is written we have a sanctuary beyond this realm. In this reality, our sanctuary is thy Love and holding to Thy almighty Hand. O my God, Thy Love is inclusive and reviving. It is written in all of the Holy Books we are not forsaken. We are all brothers and sisters in the shade of the burning sun of decadence and peril.

Glory be to Thee, Lord! We strive for unity and we will extinguish the flames of division and pain which bonds us to distrust in accordance with Thy Will. Guide us in this endeavor. Give unto us strength to confront terror within. We are the children of the One True God. All things are possible through Thee. In Thy Name, the impossible is done. Forever and ever. Amen.

We pray for our children.
We pray for our children. | Source

Prayer for Children

O God! Praise unto the Omnipotent Creator. Thou art responsible for our time of youth and our hours of aging. Thou art the Ancient of Days while our minutes are limited in this realm. Thou art the Source of All Knowledge even as our awareness of things in this reality is infantile. We recognize our station relative to Thee, Wondrous Lord. Verily, we are children before Thee while asking for Thy Grace and Mercy for those brought forth from our existence.

O God! Help these children and let them prosper through Thy Divine Guidance. Let them follow the wisdom in Thy Holy Books and know of Thy Love.

Oh Compassionate Lord! Educate our offspring with spiritual enlightenment. Allow them to nurture one another in accordance with Thy Word. Give them fortitude when the vultures of disharmony seek to tear away the blessings given unto them. Let them know when to cease the games of play and when to act as adults in the mature seasons.

Verily, thou art the Divine Instructor, the Almighty Healer, and the Parent of All Humanity. Amen.

© 2018 Tim Truzy


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  • Tim Truzy info4u profile imageAUTHOR

    Tim Truzy 

    2 years ago from U.S.A.

    My spiritual sister,

    I appreciate your beautiful and insightful comment.

    You are right, reflection is one important goal of praying. We know Him in one Name above all others; His titles are immense and eternal.

    Thank you.



  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 

    2 years ago from The Caribbean

    Amen to the prayers. Prayers to God need no comments, but I

    like the images: Eternal gardener and Farmer, Ambassador of Hope, Joy, and Faith, soil of Thy Mercy and so on. They inspire reflection.

  • Tim Truzy info4u profile imageAUTHOR

    Tim Truzy 

    2 years ago from U.S.A.

    Thank you, Manatita. Your comment is appreciated. I always try to do my best.

    May your day be blessed and filled with love.



  • manatita44 profile image


    2 years ago from london

    Being a minister is a special blessing that God has given you. The good shepherd tends to his flock and your Heart seems very full. So everything else will flow.

    Diversity is crucial! God knows our needs. Moreover, He can and does use us - not necessarily for ourselves- but to promote the good of His weaker children. You serve well. Higher blessings.

  • Tim Truzy info4u profile imageAUTHOR

    Tim Truzy 

    2 years ago from U.S.A.

    Thank you, Jo. I love honoring God in writing and in prayer. It's fullfilling and satisfying.



  • jo miller profile image

    Jo Miller 

    2 years ago from Tennessee

    Beautifully written, Tim. Thank you for sharing this with us. Have a wonderful day.

  • Tim Truzy info4u profile imageAUTHOR

    Tim Truzy 

    2 years ago from U.S.A.

    Dear brother Sean,

    As I was writing these prayers, I believe I felt a calming peace from the positive interactions and godly feedback which I have received from those such as yourself.

    In fact, I had read your prayer right after I started writing, and it occurred to me: people who serve a loving God seen to be on the same spiritual walk regardless.

    As a man of science and soul, I know you will find this interesting.

    I just read in the N.Y. Times that a study was conducted concerning close friends. They discovered that their brain waves mimicked each other, even when they did not discuss a topic previously.

    This to me is further evidence that when the masters of love inform us to "walk in their ways," we can achieve almost their mind sets.

    In fact, Jesus said to his disciples to follow Him and they would do great things in His Name.

    Definitely, the powerful enlightening community of spiritual people present on Hub Pages have had a reviving and uplifting impact upon my life.

    This will continue because love is unstoppable.

    Thank you, brother.



  • Sean Dragon profile image

    Ioannis Arvanitis 

    2 years ago from Greece, Almyros

    Amazing prayers, my beloved brother, Tim. I am so happy because we wrote at the same time about prayer! Spiritual communication between spiritual brothers!

    Thank you so much for those spiritual diamonds, they are sublime prayers! And I am glad because it is certain evidence of your connection with Him.

    I am proud of you, brother!


  • Tim Truzy info4u profile imageAUTHOR

    Tim Truzy 

    2 years ago from U.S.A.

    Thank you, Manatita. I have started studying more intently different teachings to broaden my understanding of the spiritual part of our humanity, including the texts you earlier recommended. Superb works.

    Thank you again, Brother.



  • manatita44 profile image


    2 years ago from london

    Some truly sublime prayers. The great Sadhu Sundar Singh, attributed prayer to an attempt to lay hold of God Itself. He wrote a powerful book called At the Feet of the Master. Perhaps you can read it one day.

    A most inspirational Hub.

  • Tim Truzy info4u profile imageAUTHOR

    Tim Truzy 

    2 years ago from U.S.A.

    Thank you, Nikki. I appreciate those inspirational words from you. May your family always prosper as well with His love and tender guidance.

    Thank you, my sister.



  • nikkikhan10 profile image

    Nikki Khan 

    2 years ago from London

    May God give us all light of love and peace to prevail humanity and peace.Ameen.

    This is much needed in recent times, I pray every minute for God’s mercy and thank Him all the time for His endless blessings upon me.

    Very inspirational offerings to the Creator this whole universe, May He accept it and bless you and your family my brother.


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