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Prayer - Food for Soul


Prayer - Food for Soul

You need food to live and survive. It is for the enrichment of your body. Similarly, to enrich the soul – you need to pray.

Prayer is the part of every common religion – be it Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism or any other – it is advised to pray. Not just to satisfy God – but for your inner peace.

Have you ever wondered why it is important to pray?

Because when you’re praying – it is the time when you’re communicating with God. It gives you a feeling that you’re being listened without being judged.

There are various things in life that you cannot even talk to your loved ones about it. While you’re praying, you just open your heart out in front of God.

Prayers bring light to darkness as it changes it. It makes us dedicated, observant and responsible for things. When you start praying regularly (even 10 minutes a day) – you’ll feel a massive change in your attitude, you’ll start defeating the devil that is living within you.

Why do we limit our faith? Maybe because we are too in the hustle bustle of daily life. Faith is not a decoration piece, it helps you meditate. Every religion is different and there are different ways of praying within religions – its time to take out some time solely for yourself.

Choose any style of praying – but at least do, and I guarantee that you’ll start feeling the change in a few months.

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