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Pray Hard, The Last Witch Hunter Is At The Door

--Guest writer on Global News Network --Chief Editor PB Magazine.


I grew up in an island where anecdotes of sorcery would make your hair curl; even as I got older, it was always difficult for me to figure out whether those tales were just part of the culture or a way to control unruly children who would not obey their parents.

I remember vividly parents in the neighborhood screaming at the top of their lungs for their offspring to hurry home before "the Midnight Monster" began its walk. Children who were "hanging out" in the neighborhood, hiding from their parents, would run home regardless which voice screamed those words. It worked. Before midnight, it was a sure bet all children would be safely at home with their families.

As a curious child, I would peek out of the windows to catch a glimpse of the Midnight Monster; to my great disappointment, I never got to see him. In spite of that, I grew up believing that the Midnight Monster exists (just like Big Foot) and would only reveal himself - as a punishment - to those who have disobeyed their parents. Adults of my generation who have never left the Island continue to use the same fictitious character to control the whereabouts of their children at night.

The good news is, there was never any report of children taken away by the Midnight Monster.

Be as it may, when the president of the United began to label the investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential elections "Witch Hunt", that caught my attention. That brought back my interests - as a child - to get a peek at the Midnight Monster walking my neighborhood at night.

Most unfortunately, anyone who would want to see the Midnight Monster then had just one (1) second to see him, at exactly midnight.

Beyond that, one would have to be mighty lucky to see him disappear; he was faster than The Flash . I was hoping that the "Witch Hunt" would be different. Maybe, just maybe I would have the opportunity this time to see some witches, at the very least one.

Although my disappointment of not debunking the mystery of the Midnight Monster continues to haunt me to this day, I was determined to make up for my failure to prove that the "Monster" did or did not exist. I was once again disappointed in my eagerness to go after the witches - not to hunt them, of course not - but only this time someone else beats me to it.

You see, Robert Mueller is an experienced Witch Hunter. According to rumors, he would not entertain any job of going after witches (of any kind) which do not exist. Having been in the business - of witch hunting - for many decades, Mr. Mueller has a nose for this kind of stuff. Legend has it that he knows where all the witches gather for their annual reunion but more importantly, it seems, he is friendly and fair to all the witches. It is even written in the annals of the witches that "'The Witch Hunter' do not hunt witches for fun or to get rid of our culture or to decimate our population but rather to find and punish witches who have misused their power for evil. As such, we witches would lend support to the 'Witch Hunter' because just like him, the Witch Society does not tolerate evildoers"

As such, Mr. Mueller was able to quickly locate - with the help of cooperating witches - and roundup the evildoers in the Witch Society. It is believed that most witches are willing to spill the beans on the corrupt head-witches. If the rumors are correct, the Witch Society is preparing to erect a statue of the image of the Witch Hunter, a ceremony which will be held as The Last Incantation to commemorate the fall of the most corrupt witch leader, according to a memo released by the office of the Witch Society.

The Witch Society is very grateful that the Witch Hunter has helped to remove the dark clouds that all witches are bad. It is not clear whether the 'Witch Hunter' will be present for the ceremony. A spoke witch declared that it will be BIG, it will be HUGE. Witches from the world over will be present. It will be after all The Last Incantation.

© 2018 Mike Ducheine

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