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Power of Fear

Fear can create you or fear can break you. You can create or break yourself down to dust.


Background My article

The Indian folklore imparts moral and spiritual value of the highest order. These stories are timeless.

I've adapted one of such stories in this article. It's not the exact translation, but the theme is taken from an ancient story.

King and the Prince

A king wanted to save his first son at any cost from perilous death, in order to prolong his dynasty.

He had to protect his son from the lion. Because the royal astrologer had predicted it while preparing the zodiac chart of the child.

Relying on the forecate, the king summoned a court and declared: the prince shall not go for any hunting expedition.

Years passed, one day the prince paid a visit to his principality in his territory nearby.

He was given a royal welcome with garlands of flowers, music and dance. He had a grant feast with his guards and the hosts in the evening.

After savouring the feast. it was time to retire as night fell.

So, he went to the regal bed room. He had hardly set his feet inside, he dropped dead!

For his eyes had fallen on a ferocious lion on the wall.

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