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Updated on March 8, 2020
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Educator, Pop Culture junkie, Orange Chicken devourer and huge Gilmore Girls fan ... Whew!


Her letting me take her daughter to Chicago to meet my kids was a huge deal.

I'd invited her too, but she couldn't make it, due to filming on her tv drama. But still, she let me taker her daughter, who was claiming me to everyone who would listen as her dad. This is even though her mom and I had only been dating for about a month. And also, even though she had a biological dad still living somewhere on earth.

This meant that she trusted me. Which kind of scared me. Because in this day and age, even a seemingly trustworthy guy like me could turn out to be some kind of DATELINE NEWS type of predator. You know what I mean?

So in order to keep myself worthy of her trust, I promised that her duagher would call her as soon as we landed. Which turned into calls, texts, photos and videos sent practically every five minutes. A complete chronological account of our time together.

Thanks be to my mother. Much love to her. Being that she always wanted a daughter and never quite warmed up to my ex wife ... Being that she always wanted a granddaughter to go with all the male babies I'd made ... She took to my new, "adopted" munchkin like gangbusters. And that truly helped a lot, because I don't know anything about doing a little girl's hair or periods or buying extra bras and what not. So thank God in Heaven for Mama.

As Lil' Bit slept that night, I called her superstar mother and made sweet talk to her for about an hour or so.

Me: You know, I've come to the realization that I would like to spend every single day with you and yours.

Her: Is that right?

Me: Yes. That's right. How do you feel about that? What say you?

Her: How do you feel about that?

Me: I asked you first Ex Child Star.

Her: Ummmm .... Perhaps I'd like that a great deal.

Me: How do you think your crew will feel about that? (She lived with parents, her brother, sister in law and baby neice..)

Her: Well, I think you know how Mini-Me would feel about it. And that's all that really matters ... Did you discuss this with her?

Me: No. That would be uncouth to discuss such a concept with the child before discussing it with her mother. Either the mother could feel manipulated into saying the affirmative, or she says "no" and that causes problems between her and the child. That's not my style.

Her: Wow. Aren't you a fully sensitive man.

Me: I try. I try.

Her: You try very well. Well, that's one woman's opinion anyway.

Me: The only woman whose opinion matters to me, if I must be honest.

Her: Please do. Tell me more. Tell me more.

Me: I'm truly blessed to have you and the munchkin in my life. Just so you'll know.

Her: Thank you for saying that. And know that I feel the same.

Me: Thank you.

Her: No, really .... I thought that I was done with love. That I was just going to be a mother .... and then you came along and turned my whole world inside out.

Me: And that's a good thing?

Her: Oh Honey, that's a great thing.

Lil' Bit disappeared for a spell. So I went looking for her. She'd found a stash of cassettes that I'd left at my mom's condo and had forgotten about. When she felt my eyes on her, she looked up at me guiltily at first, then with a sense of wonder.I'm gu

Her: Um ... What are these exactly?

Me: Cassette tapes. It's what we listened to before there were CDs.

Her: As in "mixtapes"?

Me: Exactly.

Her: Um ... So how do you listen to them exactly?

Me: A cassette player.

Her: Would you happen to have access to one?

I remembered that my mom still had a radio/cassette player that I bought her for Mother's Day several years ago. So I found it, plugged it up and took my surrogate daughter back to another time and another place. And as we listened to 80s broadcasts from Chicago stations like Q101, B96, WBMX and WJPC, I decided that I was going to truly enjoy being this eleven year girl's dad.

© 2020 LaZeric Freeman


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  • trusouldj profile imageAUTHOR

    LaZeric Freeman 

    6 months ago from Hammond

    Thank you OLUSEGUN for reading. I appreciate you taking the time.

  • OGUNDARE OLUSEGUN profile image


    6 months ago from NIGERIA

    That would be wonderful being her dad, parental care is essential. thanks for refreshing my brain about the age long cassette, still have many of them here. Good story.


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