Pomegranate Seed

Updated on June 26, 2017
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Brett Romine is a teacher and writer. He recently published Feudal Education, or The Heretic Knight, which is available on Amazon Kindle.

Persephone waited in Hades’ dark hall,

As summer ended and turned into fall,

There in the depths of the hellish light

She took from him but one small bite

Of the pomegranate seed he placed before her

Smiling with delight for it was sweet liquor!

Intoxicating and tasty, Oh, what a delight!

She became that moment a creature of night,

And Zeus Almighty could do nothing at all

To save her from the fiend’s grasp, nor forestall

Her residence in hell which was her plight.

Persephone had taken but one small bite

Yet nothing could save her from Satan’s seed

She belonged to him forever, as was her need.


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