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Polaroid Love: Old-School Love through the Eyes of a Teenager


Polaroid love: Captured in the Eternal Camera of the Heart

"It's like a polaroid love

Love, that old-fashioned feeling

But my heart is racing

Why am I like this?"

Why is it that I feel like this? Feeling like I am freefalling through utopia? I look at you and I just love you-and it terrifies me. It terrifies me how smitten you leave me, with the small handwritten notes at random corners, beautiful annotations in my favorite books, how flustered you leave me only by holding my freezing hands in your warm ones, staring at me like you never want to look away.

It left me befuddled when you asked me about my poetry;

How funny, I remember thinking, it was to see my poetry, asking me about poetry.

His smile charming its way sneakily into my heart, like the peeking sunrays through a soft curtain on a warm morning, his twinkling eyes holding a separate constellation of its own, sparkling away in the night sky.

Poetry personified.

The kind a writer wanted to store away in the little creative corner of their heart, only for them to know it, only for them to appreciate it.

Only for them to be the witness to their beauty.

"Unknowingly, when you call my name

Heartbreakingly, my heart is pounding"

What a plot twist you were in my whirlwind of a storyline. Unexpectedly hitting the readers just where it makes one feel the most. You were that serendipity I never thought of experiencing. The one that made me nervous enough to trip over my words with an unsteady heartbeat, yet made me happy enough to make me feel like floating on cloud-nine. You are the love that came without a warning: You had my heart before I could say no.

You're the last thing I expected. I had no intention of falling for you. but you blew up your way in my life and smiled that impish smile, and holy shit, I blew it.

I remember you asking me once, what were we. I was too baffled to answer you and had mumbled- we are friends.

You had looked at me with a mischievous glint in your eyes and said-

But friends don't look at each other the way we do~

"Hеre is my heart for you

You have to еngrave it without correcting it later

It's getting clearer

That this heart in the only one in the world"

If I could bottle away the way you look at me, I would store it away for whenever I need a comforting hug, or maybe a boost of confidence. If I could take that look and wear it like a sweater, I definitely would. And although feeling this way all the time you be nice, having you next to me would be better. I didn't even realize when you crept into my writings and my thoughts. Chipping away at my sanity. All I knew was that you were everywhere. For a second or two, or for a thought of you.

I never fall for people. People change. They always come and go.

I would rather be hopelessly in love with your soul. You may change but your soul will stay, as beautiful and as alluring as it was since the beginning of the time. Maybe that is why it is unconditional for you. What my poor delusional heart seeks to come across: A forever love.

Loving you made me feel like I never needed wishes again-

I already had all I had wished for~


© 2022 Adrija Bhattacharjee