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Poetry's Younger Brother

Audrey is a poet, classical singer and voice teacher, recovering attorney and licensed psychotherapist.

By: GalleryBritto

By: GalleryBritto

My #10 for National Poetry Month

if i have to write pretty today

i might scream, pull out my hair

and yell obscenities into the wind

let it carry them

to the next town over.

rain pounds, pushes at soil

that gives way every time.

i push at thoughts

that i usually push

under blankets.

it is a gut thing, tangled,

housed between my toes

and my breath.

it is a chemical chord

tied deep in flesh, this

synesthesia, seeing words as colors

spill across a page

falling into some design

like Yahtzee dice falling out of cups,

control is illusory.

© 2017 Audrey Howitt

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