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Poem: Um, What?

Um, What?

Please sir,

this is not an interrogation.

I am just seeking answers about

something that will have a deeply

profound and intense effect on my own life too.

So, can I have the information please?

Um, What?

Do you understand what I am asking you about?

Um, What?

Oh no, I should not have even bothered to ask.

He seems to be wearing a mask.

He's just a tool.

He's pretending to be a fool.

Intelligent conversation about this

need not be sought.

His cooperation

has already been bought

by someone who is not

on my side.

He has a lot to hide.

He is complicit.

The deception, the lies.

Betraying my trust

is a must for him

because his allegiance

is to someone

and something

and somewhere

else entirely.

© 2017 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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