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Poem-Take Charge of Your Fate and Make your Own Life

I love poetry. I am a lifestyle enthusiast and like to write articles and poems on lifestyle changes that benefit people.

Taking Charge of Your Fate and Life

Taking Charge of Your Fate and Life

Brenda's Word Prompt this Week

Brenda, our dear friend and fellow poet gives us inspiring word prompts every week. This gives us an opportunity to come up with creative responses and progress in our writing journey. We are thankful to Brenda for motivating us to keep trying something new and interesting every week. This week Brenda gave us the word prompt ‘Fate’. I started to think as to what actually fate means to us.

When certain unexpected events occur in our life which are beyond our control, we say it was destined to happen or it was written in our fate. For example, when someone meets a person suddenly in a café or park who becomes their future life partner.

Taking personal accountability is a beautiful thing because it gives us complete control of our destinies

— Heather Schuck, entrepreneur

Some people believe that they are the makers of their own fate or destiny. Whatever the circumstances, we can achieve success only if we have the strength to overcome impediments in the path and strive towards our goal in life with dedication and determination.

My muse came up with a short story and a poem related to it. Hope Brenda and my Hubber pages like it.

Painting is her passion

Painting is her passion

A Short Story

This story is about a young girl Emma who has had a difficult life. Born in a large farming family, things were quite tough. Her parents worked hard on the farm from morning till night. It was a difficult life but they never complained about it. Though they were cheerful about the situation and made the best with what they had, Emma knew her parents were sad. They were righteous, self-respecting people and never took charity from anyone. She had heard people say how fate had been unkind to them and that they deserved a better life. Emma yearned to help her parents in whatever way she could to relieve them of their burdens

Emma grew up to be a diffident, shy girl, unable to make decisions on her own. She was an artist and sketched and painted beautifully. She was brilliant at her art and got appreciation for her exceptional work from everyone around her.

Nothing can be done without hope and confidence

— Helen Keller

She thought of starting a business of selling her paintings and art work online. She was very excited about turning her hobby into a business. But family and friends were not so encouraging. They reminded her that the business required capital investment, she had no experience and there was no guarantee her business would be successful. As she heard all these doubts expressed by her friends and relatives, she began to waver in her decision. She started to feel that she was not fated to start a business of her own and succeed in it.

Then her mother talked to her, discussed about all her doubts and fears around it. She convinced her to have confidence in herself and take the risk. This poem describes the mother’s advice to her daughter to not be fatalistic but have faith in herself and go ahead with her dreams. Because only by trusting one’s instincts and having faith in oneself can one hope to achieve success in any endeavor in life. She convinced her that she could take charge of her life’s destiny by taking the right decisions and acting with determination and strive towards achieving her dreams.

Take charge of your destiny, take responsibility for your own life. Achieve deep and lasting self-respect

— Ainslie MacLeod

Poem-Take Charge of Your Fate and Make your Own Life

When everything appears to go wrong

And there seems to be no way out

From the sorrows and pain

And you feel your fate is sealed.

When events come to surprise you

And Catch you off guard

When you are least prepared

They hit you hard.

All you can do is clasp your head

In your hands and lament on your fate

And wonder what you did to deserve

And get into this state.

Do not fret, have faith in yourself

Keep your composure, keep your smile

Keep your values and your priorities right

Learn from your failures,

They form your perception of life.

Aim to achieve your goals, your dreams

One day everything will be alright

Because the fate that made you suffer

Will one day make things right.

It is time to take charge of your fate

It is time to see your dreams through

You are capable of charting your own path

Your creativity cannot be snatched from you.

Flowers bloom in Spring

Flowers bloom in Spring

Be strong, you have purpose

Learn something new

Face each day with courage

No matter what fate tosses at you.

Look around you, look at nature

See the flowers that droop in the sun

Also flourish in the rain.

Learn the pace of nature

Everything will be fine again.

Break free from limitations

Establish your goal, determine to rise

Believe in yourself, you will succeed

No matter what fate has in store for you.


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