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Poem : Material


Poem : Material

Boy, do I have some material....

Hello, my good old friend!

I lean on your supportive friendship

with a wealth of gratitude.

I have been dealing with

a lot of negativity lately.

It has all been so crude.

It is nice to be back

in touch with you,

just like old times!

You know,

I have been

writing down some rhymes.

I have so much material,

it is gold.

If only poetry sold

like shiny diamonds,

brilliant, bold,

but these poems

are just little stories

that I told.

I should have

kept them

to myself

but I had to

at least write

them down.

Then they were just

sitting on the shelf

and I was feeling

like a clown.

I can at least

share the stories

with you.

You can tell me

what you think.

One is so scandalous

and dramatic,

You will say that you

need a drink!

We can call on

the guy over there,

the one who is

tending the bar.

At least, you will know

that your drink is not far.

What life throws at us,

our energy

and our space

can make us

start writing

about it

and then want to erase,

but we can not change

what has already been done.

Just getting over it

is a battle that we won.

© 2017 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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