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Playing the Harmonica is Loads of Fun

Playing harmonica is loads of fun,
With something in it for everyone.
A cheap one will do the trick
Allowing tunes to be played rather quick.

A range of harmonicas are available to you
But diatonic and chromatic are the main two.
Sometimes called a 'harp' as shorthand
May be used solo or in a band.

Diatonic is the simpler one
And good to start with for some fun.
Ten holes it has for simple tunes
But may also be used for rock and blues.

A chromatic harmonica has a slide,
Usually located on the right side.
The slide provides the 'flats' and 'sharps'
And so there's more range of notes on these 'harps'.

The 'harp' can produce a lovely sound
With joy for the player and listeners found.
A 'harp' can be used to play any song
And may become a friend all life-long.

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