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Play For Papa

Play For Papa

She was silent through the ride as she wondered about his state. ‘He had insisted on speaking to you in person’, her mother had said and his voice came over the phone “my darling, you’ll come won’t you?” “Yes papa, I promise”, she had replied. The journey was quiet, very quiet, and she looked at the case beside her as the car pulled up to the house.

She wanted to run inside but the weight of her sadness made her legs heavy. The maids silently acknowledged her. It was written all over their faces. David the chauffeur opened the door and her mother stood up to meet her with a half-smile. 'Jane is that you', he had asked from his arm chair without turning. “yes papa”, she had answered as she walked up to him and kissed his cheek, his hands cold as they clasped hers and gently kissed them. Yet the flames flickered.

'One last time Jane, one last time', his voice barely audible and she nodded. She picked up the case from where David had put it, opened it and brought out her violin. She still kept it even though he had given it to her when she was ten years old. It had been taken good care of over the years and that had made her father happy. She took her usual spot and her mother dimed the lights, save the spot light that softly shone down on her. She drew the bow across the strings and the room filled with sweet soothing sound. It was one of his favorite tunes and she could see his eyes light up and radiate across his face. His mind began to reel. As he carried her when she was born, her first steps, first day at school, graduation from college, and everything else. He thought of his wife, his life, the deeds and misdeeds. He felt content, very content.

The music now seemed to come from far away filtering out to him. Jane played on as the thoughts ran around her mind. She brought herself back and looked at him. His eyes seemed distant and unseeing and she knew that he was gone. She continued to play for a while and then stopped slowly as the tears cascaded down her face. Bow in hand, she covered her mouth and sobbed quietly as her mother walks to her, and the bells began to ring.

© 2018 omololu dare

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