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Pirate's Moon


The evening lights are fading now, the stars are twinkling, moon is out,

The ocean's waves are swelling large, while the tide is moving all about.

The island's trees sway in the breeze, as the lonesome night bird calls,

Once where pirates sailed the seas, fought storms, amid all the squalls.


The ages in the past to modern times, pirates have sailed the Seven Seas,

Taken what they've wanted, left the rest, steered their ships as all pleased.

Under the Jolly Roger, skull and bones, have ruled the blue oceans, wide,

Have pilfered and plundered the countrysides, their reigning, none denied.


When the moon is just right, is so high up in the sky, is to be a pirate's night,

As they sail their vessels silently alongside, most ships give in without a fight.

Skull caps and patches, long sabers to brandish, boarding all that they can,

Stealing all the loot and that of any worth, then hiding it away, does this band.


It is a Pirate's moon in the month of June, the one finest time to make their haul,

As the boats of the crown, all to tarry around, their grand flags slashed and to fall.

Their ships, they all sail, now under a different veil, each led by the pirating crews,

It's a pirate's life, upon oceans tonight, and for those foolhardy enough, to choose.


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