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Pink Running Shoes a Short Story


Pink Running Shoes

It was on a late afternoon when Kayla first spotted the bright pink running shoes. She was sitting on her favorite bench in the park. She then saw the man who was running in it. He didn’t seem to care about it or what people would say about it.

For the next two days, Kayla would watch him run past her. He kept running in the same shoes. His clothes did seem to change. He always had a hoodie over his head, so to her, he was very mysterious. It was still the beginning of spring so she was hoping he would remove the hoodie once the weather became warmer. She would then be able to see more of the guy in the pink running shoes.

One afternoon, Kayla decided to bring along a book with her. She was going to read it while waiting for the pink to flash by. The book has been one she always wanted to read. And since she is currently on leave from her work, she finally had the time.

Kayla had just reached page four of her book when someone suddenly spoke close to her.

“That’s a really good book.” A deep voice said.

Kayla looked up at the voice and was greeted with eyes that reflected a stormy ocean. It was only moments later that she saw he was wearing a hoodie. Without a second thought, Kayla looked down at his feet. And saw the pink running Shoes.

“It’s you.” Kayla pointed out. That brought a frown between his stormy eyes and Kayla realised what she had uttered. “I mean, I don’t know yet. I have just started reading it.” Kayla embarrassingly tried to save herself.”

“Ok...Enjoy.” He said and started running again. Kayla felt like hitting her head with the book then. She probably scared him off for life, she thought.

The following day, Kayla packed her book in her handbag and headed for the park once again. This time she decided to pick another bench to sit on. It wasn’t that far away from her old bench, but it was a little out of the way from where the guy would usually run.

Kayla had just started focusing on her book when the same deep voice spoke close to her again.

“Why did you change seats?” He asked. Not at all caring for the fact that they don’t know each other.

This time Kayla took her time to look up. When her eyes met his, she sucked in a breath. It had an intense stare to it. And all its intensity was focused on her. He was waiting for her to explain herself as if he had all the right in the world to do so.

When Kayla didn’t answer him for several seconds, he spoke again. “I’m sorry, I must sound crazy to you.” After a pause, he went on, this time sounding embarrassed. “It’s just that you, sitting on the same bench for the last couple of days, or more, was a thing. I got used to the lady sitting on the same bench everyday thing… And it was strange when you weren’t there today.” He ended.

Kayla took a moment to process his words. She didn’t want to say something embarrassing again.

“I just decided to try this bench out for today,” Kayla said, deciding to omit the truth.

“Oh, well, I’m David.” He introduced himself.

Kayla slowly nodded her head at that. “David - the guy in pink running shoes.”

His gaze went down to his shoes at her words. “Yeah." He said, looking down at them.

Kayla’s expression must have given away her curiosity then, because, with a loud sigh, David sat down next to her on the bench.

“I don’t know why I’m about to tell you this, but here goes nothing.” He stretched out his legs and his hands cupped his knees.

He lets out another sigh before starting. “About six months ago while I was on a business trip, my sister and I had a small bet going on. The bet isn’t important, but if I were to lose, I was to go running in these bright pink shoes for two weeks straight after I got home.” He says pointing at them. “I, of course lost the bet.”

Something odds strikes her then. He didn’t seem to be embarrassed by the fact that he was to run in the pink shoes. And he did say the bet was placed six month ago. So why is he only running in it now. But she doesn’t have to wait long before she gets an explanation to that.

“But two days after I lost the bet, I had the worst phone call of my life. It was my mother. She told me that my sister had been in a bad accident and she had died.”

The End

© 2020 Shaudene Oktober

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