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Pink Is Not Blue

When I was a little kid,

I always had dolls for birthday gifts

while my brother received

shiny remote-controlled cars.

I looked at my mother with sad eyes

and a plea I could not quite forget

I wanted one, too.

One that screeches and speeds.

One just like his.

My parents, they just shook their heads f

rom left to right, making me feel small

like I wasn't small enough already.

They made a clear 'tsk' and exclaimed,

pink is not blue and blue is not pink.

In middle school, I wore pants

black denims that swayed

along the soles of my shoes.

Living on the other side of the paradigm

was all my other female classmates

with thigh high skirts revealing

almost all the pores on their skin.

I disliked the constant hissing and whistling

of sexually frustrated blokes in the hallways

like they had hot roasted meat served on the table

Although schoolgirls seemed to be mesmerized

like they were roars of promise

of such beauty and towering standards.

Sunny day, at three in the afternoon

senior's nose had blood gushing out

punched him like it was nobody's business

We both got sent to the principal

and asked what had happened to us two.

Told the teacher he was a sick pervert

she was taken aback by what my mouth had spilled

it was not because I stood for myself

but because of the fact that I had a dirty vocabulary.

The time had come when people are so open

with their sexuality and their organ changes

while conservatives called them all damned

Breasts were flashed on the internet

and dick pics were a 'thing'.

Bathroom stalls flooded with phone numbers

probably wanting a good time

Bars secluded with random people

Women invited to dance, several shots of vodka,

just to 'take her home'.

Objectified, crucified on social structures

Deprived of the only means of freedom

When the podium housed a vagina,

people spoke ill as to why they

should be granted rights.

Raped because "they were asking for it"

Abused for being "too weak"

Sexually harassed for sole reason

of having to show the beautiful bare skin

Only because pink is not blue.

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