Picture This

Updated on June 6, 2017

Picture This

Picture This by Mia Taylor-Graustuck

Picture this

A bright beautiful black woman named Elizabeth

Someone who is strong willed, abiding

A vast believer in Jesus Christ

And Loves to teach people of his ways

A person who is here for you through trials and tribulations

Someone who inspires you in more ways than one

A great speaker on parts of life and gives the best advice

A person who makes you want to be successful in life

Picture this

she is a stay at home mom that makes sure everyone's life stays held together

A woman who does more than cooking and cleaning but does more loving and caring

Someone who just holds you in their arms when you don't feel like talking

A great listener for when you just need to express

A woman who has the most loveliest scent of white diamonds

Someone who is wise, all-important and is beyond-compare

A curvy woman who dances and sings all types of goofy

A person who just lights up your day

Sounds perfect doesn't she?

Picture this: My mother

© 2017 Jessica Graustuck


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