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Piano Tiles ( A Ghost Love Story)

" It's the melody of love... and the rhythm of the heart."


“You’re the right moment... at the wrong time.”

I was playing a piece in a very hoary piano of the lonesome music room of the old building. I found it on the drawer of the instrument when I got lost on my freshmen days. The piece took my heart and soul away when I was playing it that I didn’t even felt your appearance inside the strange dusky room. You were watching me play from the corner yet all I felt in the atmosphere is coldness. When the piece ended, you broke the silence and captured my eyes with a smile and told me how astonishingly I played it. It was a breathtaking moment upon knowing that somebody was watching me. Your eyes were dark-brown same with the color of your hair and your lips were pink as cherry with dimples as you smile.

I was captivated by your beauty and I never felt the same way before. My heart pounded so loud and I even had goose bumps. Without taking your eyes away from mine, you told me that you made the piece I just played and if whoever lady plays it with her heart and soul will captivate your heart and you will love her for the rest of your life. I was stammering during our first talk and that because of love at first sight. You told me that you’ve been waiting for so long to find the heart that will suit the piece. There are many who tried to do it... but you never had seen one ‘till I came.

Days passed and we continually meet each other every afternoon in that almost empty room. We play the piano together and tell jokes and stories then laugh. We talk about our likes and dislikes and tell things about ourselves, but we never asked each other’s name and not even about our life. I heard many rumors that it’s a haunted building for sometimes a piano plays without someone playing it. Many of my classmates didn’t talk to me for they found me terrifying and creepy already. I never listened to the gossips around and not even let myself be changed because of it. That certainly happened to me since I knew when I met you I can’t keep my heart from falling and even I was trying to hold back I still fell so fast. What made me afraid is the thought that time will come that it’ll just be you that I will need for me to breathe.

February 14, 1886. I tried to surprise you with the sketch I made with your face on it and a new piece I made to be played by us. But then I was shocked when I saw nothing but empty space on that room where we usually meet. And that day I waited for you until the sun set but only the birds accompanied me in the dim old lonesome place. I never lost hope and went back there every day, hoping you’ll come one of those days... but you never did. You disappeared so fast like how also quick you arrived. I heard that the school decided to burn the antique piano because many students got afraid of it. It was Monday afternoon when I went back there for the last time to post the sketch on the wall of the music room. There I saw your picture in black and white together with the other musical members of the year 1869 that died because of the fire incident in that building. I looked at your face intently while you’re sitting on the piano. I stared closely even my tears fell so hard. That day I realized... why I never saw you again. But how I wished you’re here... I wished you’re real.

I can never tell anybody else about our love story because it’s no ordinary one so I just wrote the misery of losing you and the agony of loving you... this became the piano tiles of my mourning heart.

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