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Filipino Parable: The Beggar and the Fairy


I enjoy reading. Reading legends, comics, myths and even parables always fascinates me even when I was a kid. I could spend a whole day reading these and it won't bore me at all.

Reading could be such a good hobby as it travels you to distant places and keeps the imagination working. And not only that, there is always a lesson to take from it.

So keep on reading. And speaking of parables, here is a good one. In order to have the life we want we have to work for it and not just rely on fate, good luck or chances. Or just merely waiting for something to happen. And if you were given the chance to choose a different path, consider your choices and don't make the same mistake.

The merciful fairy had been watching a beggar in a city road for quite some time.

And the fairy feels pity for her.

The beggar was already on an old age and the fairy just knew by watching her that the old beggar was all alone, she doesn't have any family at all.

Once, the merciful fairy had wanted to learn the past of the old beggar in order to know how her fate had turned out to be like this. But she doesn't have the ability to go back in time or look into the past. It was just a mystery for her on what kind of life this beggar had gone through.

The fairy talked to the Creator as she feels pity for the old beggar.

"What can I do to help her?" the fairy asked.

"There's nothing you can do to help her," answered the Creator.

"But, there must be something I can do."

"There's only one way for you to know," said the Great Creator. "And that is to give her a new start."

"That's right! That's just the right idea to help her," exclaimed the fairy.

"But I don't guarantee that this would change the way she would live her life."

"The important part is that we are giving her a new chance of life," the happy, kind-hearted fairy said. And then she took off and hurriedly went to the old beggar.

A fairy has been watching an old beggar for quite a while. And she appeared in the beggars dream to give her another chance in life.

A fairy has been watching an old beggar for quite a while. And she appeared in the beggars dream to give her another chance in life.

To the old beggar's dream the fairy appeared and spoke to her:

"We are going to give you one more chance in life. You are going to be reborn so that you will get another chance in life that I want you to have," the fairy said in the beggar's dream.

And it happened. The beggar became a baby again.

The fairy left the baby in the front door of a rich childless couple. And when the couple opened their front door and saw the beautiful baby, it made their day, the childless couple was so happy.

It was such a peaceful feeling for the merciful fairy as now she's sure that the baby who was an old beggar before is now going to have a good life, far from living on the street with nothing at all.

Many long, years went by. Still, the fairy was sad because of all the beggars she had helped, there is still a lot roaming the streets.

"Why is it like this?" she asked the Creator.

"Why don't you ask the beggar that you helped before? Maybe she knows a better answer," the Creator said.

"But, where could I find her?" asked the fairy.

"On where you first saw and met her," the Creator answered.

It was such a great surprised to the merciful fairy because the old beggar she had given a new start in life had grown old and became a beggar for the second time.

"Where did I gone wrong?" asked the sad fairy.

"It wasn't your fault." "It was their fault that lead them to be like that," the Creator told the fairy.

"Sadly, she had chosen the same path."