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The Legend of the Stars

What are stars made of?

What are stars made of?

Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are.......

Do you really wonder what stars are made of? Or how come they seem so far away? As we learned in school, stars are made up of hot gasses which is hydrogen and helium. But still, it seems like the stars are alive and watching over us.

On a clear night sky, one can observe and enjoy all those stars that come in different sizes and colors. And they are really such an amazing thing to watch which is why many of us had developed a hobby of star gazing. I even enjoyed this myself as I would spend some time at night watching the stars from my room's rooftop when I was in high school. It has been my way of de-stressing.

However, there is an interesting legend about the stars. And how come they are so far away, so high for us to even reach.

A giant mortar and pestle being used.

A giant mortar and pestle being used.

There was a couple a long, long time ago. The only man and only woman when the Earth was young and new. The young couple relies on their surroundings for food, shelter, and they use leaves as a way of clothing.

The man would usually go fishing or hunting for food and they plant crops too. He is strong and well built. The woman on the other hand, is beautiful. Each morning as she wakes up, she would start the day by spending time combing her long, wavy black hair. After that, she would put on her jewels. Her necklace is made of pearls and so as her earrings. The young woman used to hang her jewels on clouds as the Earth is new, the sky and clouds are so close that a human hand can reach it. Each night as she retires to sleep, she would hang back her jewels on the clouds and wear it in the morning.

Then one day when the woman was using the big mortar and pestle, removing the rice bran from the grains, she found it hard to do so as she keeps on hitting the clouds every time she use the pestle. So when her husband came home that night, they talked about the situation and agreed to try asking God the next morning.

The woman, as always, started her day by spending time combing her hair before putting on her jewels. As she started her tasks, it bothers her hitting the clouds again. She just wished she could have more room to do her work.

So she finally said, "God. I had a favor to ask. If you could please make the sky a little higher so I won't hit the clouds?" And so, the sky got a little higher. And she continued her work.

The night came, and it's morning again the following day. This time her husband is helping her on her work. They both used the mortar and pestle. But still, the sky is still close that they could still hit it. And so they asked again, "God, I already asked the other day but the sky is still low that our pestle can still touch the clouds. If you could make it a little more higher this time?" They were heard so the sky became much higher.

But the two aren't satisfied yet. They want it much higher, to give them more space. And so they called again to ask the favor, "We still can't move around the way we want to. The sky is still low that we can still reach it. Could you please make it much higher?"

But this time, God wanted to teach both of them a lesson. Being given the favor and still not satisfied of what they have, God did make the sky higher. The couple watch in astonishment as the sky keeps on getting higher, higher that they can't even reach.

But alas! The woman's jewels hanging on the cloud are now gone too as her jewels went up with the clouds. They said it was alread high enough but still, the sky keeps on getting higher and higher and the clouds appeared smaller and smaller to them.

And soon, they realized they were being taught a valuable lesson but it was already late for them.

Why is the sky so high?

Why is the sky so high?

And when the darkness came, that was the first time the couple witnessed the brightly shining jewels scattered in the sky, her jewels.

Since then, those tiny, brightly twinkling stars can be seen up in the sky at night. So high that no one would be able to reach them.

What are stars made of?

What are stars made of?

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