The Legend of the Lizard or Common House Gecko

Updated on April 24, 2020
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Precy loves to write about many topics, including Filipino culture, legends and traditions.

A house lizard. Where did the first lizard come from?
A house lizard. Where did the first lizard come from? | Source

The common gecko or the house lizard can be considered part of the Philippine household. These lizards can be spotted anywhere in the home and they are harmless. I grew up used to seeing them in our ceiling, house wallsand on the table as they look for crumbs often rice grains or going after an insect and even on the floor on some occasions.

I remember being fascinated by their small eggs, such are so tiny and fragile. Those are from times I would accidentally spot some hidden eggs when doing some house cleaning. And there was this one time I spotted few eggs on the crack of a coconut tree. That was the first time I saw their tiny eggs and I was barely 7 years old and didn't know those are house lizard or gecko's eggs.

The scientific name for the house lizard is hemidactylus frenatus and since it lives in the house, it got the name Asian house gecko, or plainly the house lizard. They eat insects and hangs around lights patiently watching lured insects by the light and waits for the right moment to go after their meal.

But did you know that even house lizards has their own legend? Here is an interesting Filipino legend explaining how or where the first lizard or house gecko came from.

The legend

There was a young naughty boy who always play tricks to anyone and everything in their village. He's indeed a mischievous young one. This character of him makes a lot of people angry. People do not like him. The reason why he always get spanking and get scolded by his mother and father.

However, this kid didn't change his attitude but instead he got more hardheaded and is being disrespectful of the elderly. No one doesn't want to be his friend because of this. And the animals has been his source of entertainment because nobody wants to play with him anymore. And this created another problem, the tame animals become elusive once this mischievous boy got close or around these animals doing them harm.

Later on, he even got to the point of secretly destroying plants in the neighborhood.

One day, he did another mischief.

He got to the mound and ruined the mound while his mother was busy sweeping their yard. His mother saw this and she got so mad and scolded his son. Afterwards, she did all her best to ask for forgiveness to the mound's dweller (the goblin) that might be residing in there for what her son did.

"I ask for forgiveness ancestors," she pleaded to the mound. "My son wouldn't do it again and that he would be good, I promised."

The mother preached her son never to do it again to the mound because the goblin can get very angry.

In the country, it is such a dreaded thing to stomp and step on the mounds as they might be inhabited by this unseen beings.

He went after a monitor lizard he had spotted which he missed as it went through on protruding roots of a tree.
He went after a monitor lizard he had spotted which he missed as it went through on protruding roots of a tree. | Source

The punishment

But this kid didn't learn his lesson. After lashing the carabao the following day, he concentrated on going after a monitor lizard. The stubborn child followed the monitor lizard around but he missed it when the animal went through a protruding roots of a tree. He continuously search the area holding his slingshot.

How happy he was when he found the monitor lizard's eggs! He happily used his slingshot on each one of the eggs.

But he got startled when a goblin suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Hey there mischievous child! Didn't you know that there's life inside those eggs? Why did you cracked those eggs?" the goblin asked him. "I am going to punish you because of what you did. You are going to be a consanguine of the monitor lizard."

"Please don't do that. Have pity on me. I'm going to be a good kid now. I swear!" pleaded the naughty kid.

"You are such a liar! How many times have you promised that every time your dad spanks you? And just yesterday it was your mom who made a promised on your behalf, but you still hadn't changed one bit. Now, as your punishment, you will kiss the ground just before sundown. But you will still live inside a home because you are a human the Creator had made. You will be called as the house lizar," the goblin said.

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The first house lizard

The horrified naughty child hurriedly rush to his home while screaming.

"Help me mom! Please help me! I don't want to be a house lizard. I don't want to be a house gecko," he cried.

The mother had a glanced of her son from the window and she saw how her child fall on his face even before he could go up the bamboo stairs. She wondered on her son's transformation until he became so small and looks just like a monitor lizard.

House lizard or the common house gecko was the last word she heard from his son and so that's what she called him. And even though the strange animal was gentle, it is elusive because of shame. Shame realizing of his wrongdoings that led him to become like this - the first house gecko.

Up to this day the house lizard or gecko still continuously kisses the ground at sundown.

Can he still go back to his human form and be with his parents? He might be feeling really sorry for all the mischief he had done.

But only time can tell.

His mother saw his transformation even before he can reach the stairs. Her son looks very similar to a monitor lizard.
His mother saw his transformation even before he can reach the stairs. Her son looks very similar to a monitor lizard. | Source


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    • profile image


      4 months ago

      We have 3 house lizards in our home. Mama, Papa and Son we call Slim. They live under our refrigerator. Slim is all over the place. But Mama and Papa come sneaking out and snatch ants off the floor. Sometimes mosquitoes. We love having them.

    • profile image


      17 months ago

      what is the origin of this story

    • profile image

      Almira Shayne B. Cabuhat 

      6 years ago

      Wow its beautiful :) :) :):):):):):):):)):):):):):):)


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