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Pets Feel Love

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The ghost dog

Once upon a time there was a spirit of a dog that was dedicated to frightening a child. The puppy when he was alive, had been the victim of an eight-year-old boy,
which was cruel to animals, especially cats and dogs.

After being killed by his owner, named Luis, the spirit of the pet did not want to leave and took refuge in the house of his victimizer. From there, he dedicated himself to scaring the child. During the nights, he attacked him in the form of nightmares. And when he woke up he bit him and he felt the pain. Strangely, some marks of dog teeth were marked on Luis's legs.

"Mom!", Luis shouted frightened from his bed. He had had another nightmare with the dog and the bites on his legs hurt.
Louis, my boy! What's wrong with you?" His mother exclaimed.
-Again, mom, again that almost real dream! Look at my legs, they hurt! - Luis answered crying.

The terrified child told everything to his father and mother, because they did not know what had happened. The previous nightmares did not show marks on his legs, but this time, yes. He told them how he had hurt his little dog when he was alive. His parents worried about him, upon hearing Luis's confession, they took him to a church, where they blessed him, and asked him to confess and ask God for forgiveness. The boy did, for his regret was real.

-I don't know what happened to me, I didn't measure the consequences of what he was doing, I didn't think that would happen to my puppy. Why did I do that, I'm a bad boy, mom, I'm very bad.-Luis said distressed.

-No my love, you're not a boy bad. The important thing is that you are sorry. That's why God will forgive you- his mother told him consoling him.
Truly Luis, he had opened his eyes to reality, and he felt a lot of guilt and sorrow for what he had done to the poor little dog. I wish very much to go back to the past and not commit that act, but it couldn't be, so his heart tightened with remorse.

That night I wait patiently to see the little dog, to apologize a the ghost dog. When at three in the morning, he finally appears, he immediately gets up and sees the spirit of the dog, at the foot of his bed, this time, with a calm countenance. He approaches and looks at it. While the boy runs crying to ask for forgiveness, the puppy looks at him in peace and disappears. But he never saw it again, nor felt it.

The boy from that day, changed favorably. And he never mistreated any little animal, on the contrary, he was kind to all of them, helping them, and treating them well.

Respecting noble domestic animals is praiseworthy in the eyes of God. And he makes us feel good about ourselves. Instilling in our children about the good treatment of animals should be part of home education. The Bible tells us in proverbs: The righteous cares for the needs of his animals. And in psalms God asserts that he hates anyone who loves violence.


The puppies of my life

Pets, especially dogs, are animal friends of the home and of those who make it up. Dogs must be loved by the family to which they belong, and this affection must be manifested in the care that owners provide to their pets. How? Well, taking them to the veterinary clinic, for exams and vaccinations. As if it were a son. Food is important, so that the animal is healthy. And the treatment must be positive, because pets perceive the love of their owners.

The space where the dogs live must be spacious and comfortable, and not exposed to the elements. It is preferable that the dog has a pet bed, appropriate to its size.

I remember some time ago, I had a puppy, but I couldn't, due to lack of time, take care of him as he deserved. I was forced to leave him alone, countless times, plus I didn't have time to take him to the vet, so one day he got sick and left. Another puppy I had, loved me very much, wagging his tail and turning around when I indicated with my hand. He was running at a great speed. One day he got sick and left too. In this paragraph I conclude that if you cannot or do not have time to take your dog to the vet, it is better not to adopt him, let someone who can take care of him do it.

Memories of my family's dogs come to mind when I was a little girl. My mother first told me about a dog my dad had. The dog loved my father so much, that almost every day, she managed to follow him, when she left for his work. I remember another dog, which stuck in my mind, because he was very naughty. He was called Captain. One day the family, he decided to go to the river. The dog went with us and had a lot of fun in the water, swimming.

Another day when we went to the river again, he wanted to go with us again, but I prevented him. For that, I have repented all my life and my eyes are clouded with tears, for having done that. He was an innocent and good puppy, who just wanted to have fun, but I was a capricious and willful girl and I don't know why, I had that attitude with the puppy.

My mind goes back again, even further back when I was barely five years old. I remember a dog named Boby from my neighbor uncle, because his house was near my parents' house. The dog was common, but from seeing it so much every day, I became attached to it. One day I heard that the dog had been poisoned, apparently by some thieves, who wanted to enter my uncle's house.

At that moment, my childish mind, perceived in all its magnitude, what happened. I realized instantly that I would never see Boby the puppy again. I began to cry silently, I did feel the tears falling down my cheeks, until I fell asleep.

© 2022 Venus Mary

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