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Irreversible Consequences

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Consequences of words

People often write off the consequences of what we say and how it may affect others. Especially when it's said online, to them it may never come back to them as they somehow feel anonymous. It's best to think things through when speaking to others, especially our own children because you never know how it can change a person. Abuse is a very serious and sensitive issue. Especially because mental abuse isn't taken as seriously as it should be, in my opinion. Things are starting to surface and it will eventually be seen more by others, not as something that can be just brushed off or disregarded. Many people suffer with things that don't even have a name yet and it's all because someone, somewhere didn't understand that what they were saying or doing was wrong. You cannot "just get over" a mental illness. They don't disappear or correct themselves, you need to seek professional help or even work on the proper techniques to deal with it. These things take time and they're something that will have high moment and many, many low moments where you'll want to quit trying. It's cliche, but you can't give up on yourself because in the end only you can take care of you. Stay strong and carry on. It's always worth it.

Not everything is abuse, don't take it the wrong way, but I've heard (to me personally and said to others) things that just shouldn't be said to anyone. Nor does everyone actually have a mental disability (and yes, it is debilitating to have). I do absolutely believe that kids/adults should learn that what they're doing is wrong with proper punishment(s). Not in a cruel way, lessons can be taught in a non-destructive fashion. Possibly something even researched so that it fits accordingly.


Life Lessons

At times we find ourselves wondering why we are they way we are and what makes us tick. It's often that during these times we wander into our childhood and the events of our lives that eventually shape us, even if not right away. Things change and time passes, we grow and learn how to be an adult as life throws new hurdles at us. Eventually we level out into the shape of who we are, what our morals are and how to deal with certain scenarios (or how not to). It's because of what we've gone through, good and bad, that we are they way we are. It's because of this that everyone handles things differently and can approach things from a different prospective. It's time for people to embrace our differences and not try to isolate others because of theirs.

Supporting friends in need can help you also uplift yourself. I'm not saying give anyone anything other than a trusting ear to whisper into or a shoulder to cry on. Help others earn your trust and do the same for others. It can do you a world of good and you'll feel much better for it. At some point, everyone needs someone to talk to about something. Love and be loved in return. There are endless articles on every topic from A to Z so take most of what you read with a grain of salt and make sure it's a reliable source. Facebook is nice and all, but it's full of loads of misinformation which can be more harmful than good. As always, it's important to research and take the proper precautions to make sure anyone you're helping (including yourself) won't be hurt by your actions.


Chance Encounters

Life has a funny way of showing us when we're wrong or headed in the wrong direction and it can be quite humbling. I am fully under the belief that everything happens for a reason. Maybe you're just not catching the subtle hints of life and a major event has to happen to get you to reach your epiphany? No one can say for sure, but it's something I agree with as I can be very hard headed and don't often pick up on subtlety (whoopsie). It's important to pay attention to the signs if you see a friend or loved on going through a particularly rough time and be supportive, even when you think they're nuts. It's hard to gauge exactly how much our words or action affect each person so choosing the best ways to say things can at least make that much more of a difference. With that in mind, that same logic should be applied to yourself as well. Your own mental health is important too, try not to let other people who have no say in your life take you away from where, who or what you want to be or do. You are important.

Not all mental health issues are the same, some of them are very subtle and others are quite loud/noticeable. We all have different triggers and coping mechanisms so it can be a challenge to not step on anyone's toes unnecessarily. At the end of the day, it's more important to try then it is to just ignore serious issues. I know from very personal experience that going through everything alone can be quite hard to cope with. Yes, it can make you stronger, but it can also make you very jaded. A hardened heart does not a good person make.

Things can be frustrating, especially when they take a long time to achieve or when it seems like there is no progress at all. It's helpful to celebrate the little milestones you achieve to help keep yourself in a more positive mindset. Not a fan of people or large crowds, but you went out today and did ok? Congrats! You did something huge, one baby step at a time! Do conversations with strangers make you want to hurl yourself into the sun, but you went out and had a conversation with a random person? Lordy! Another huge step! But I digress, you understand my point. It's things like this and genuine celebrations of your very real accomplishments that can make life more tolerable for you. Again, it's frustrating, but eventually things will get better. You are very much worth the time spent to help yourself and the same goes for anyone else that you know who is going through something. I cannot emphasize this enough in this article. If I could make that phrase the entire background, I would, believe that. You are important! Life is important! People are important! It's ok to be different, it's what makes you who you are.

Maybe what I'm writing makes no sense at all, or maybe it makes someone, somewhere realize that they may not be handling something from a very accepting prospective. Either way, it was on my mind and I thought maybe someone would want to hear it. I thank you for your time and welcome any messages, requests or feedback.

You are loved....

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