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Perjury Of Revenge

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.



Mr Walcott. Can you identify the individual you saw running from the store when Mr. Bedford was shot and killed?” asked John.

“Yes sir”

“Is that individual in this courtroom today and can you point him out?”

“Yes sir. That is him right there.”

“Let the record show that the witness pointed out Willy the Whale.” Said the lawyer.

“You are a stinking dirty liar. I never ran from any store nor did I kill anyone. When I get my hands on you little rat I am gonna...” Willy lounged from his seat.

“SHUT UP Willy! Sit your ass down.” Said Jennifer, Willy’s legal representative.

Mr Walcott smiled and exited the witness stand. He was the key witness and knew that his testimony could sink Willy the Whale. Even if his testimony was a big stinking lie. But Mr. Walcott had a deeper motive for lying on Willy in court. One which the prosecutors could not see.

“As the jury come to a conclusion?” asked the judge.

“Yes we have your honor. On the count of first degree murder. We find the defendant guilty as charged.” The Jury replied.

“No! No! I didn’t kill anyone. I am innocent. I am Innocent! Willy jumped from his seat towards the jurors.

The cops quickly sprang into action and held on to his big arms and slapped the cuffs on him.

“Mr. Willy. You were found guilty of murdering a store owner. A decent citizen who contributed good to life. You are a lowlife Mr Willy. So therefore I am going to treat you as such. You are sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.” The judge sentenced Willy. Willy broke down and started crying. He knew he was innocent but simply could not prove it as he was in the same area the murder took place but was never in the store. But his reputation also out a dark spell on his character as he used to work for the mob and did a few shakedown on people for the mob boss. But as the years had passed he met a beautiful woman who he had fallen in love with. He decided to settle down and leave the life of crime to be with his wife and soon to be born son.

Kicked The Bucket

But what Willy did not know was that he and Mr Walcott had a run in many years ago, ten years to be exact. The Mob boss was having a problem with not collecting money on time from a particular store. He sent Willy the Whale to do a little shakedown, but Willy went a bit overboard. He shook them until the store owner had to shut down. He was faced with unpaid bills and bankruptcy and had fallen into depression. His wife eventually left him and took his precious little daughter with her. The storeowner, Mr. Walcott, vowed that one day he would bring Willy the Whale down. And he got him good in court.

As time passed and Willy was rotting a way in prison. Visits from his wife became less. Willy loved her so much and began to worry. Then one day she visited her husband, Willy was excited to see her until she handed him divorce papers and told him she found someone else and had gotten pregnant for him. Willy felt a tight squeeze in his chest as the words from the woman he loved sliced his feelings like the switch blade he used to carry back in the days. He was dumbstruck. He slowly took the papers, signed then and got up and walked away like a zombie. A couple weeks later, Willy received another unexpected visit. It Was Mr. Walcott. Willy stopped for a while when he saw who it was. He wanted so much to break down that glass window and wrap his hand around his throat. But he really wanted to know why this pig had lied on him in court.

“Hello Willy.” Said Mr. Walcott.

“What the hell are you doing here you lying piece of shit? I rejoice the day you die and rot”

“Seems like you are doing the rotting right now boy.” Mr. Walcott replied.

He then took a picture out of his Jacket and placed it on the glass window for Willy to see. It was a picture of Willy’s wife pregnant kissing Mr. Walcott. Willy’s eyes opened wide and simply went berserk. He began to use the phone to bang on the glass window. The Guards quickly restrained him and placed him in solitary confinement. Willy’s wife had now remarry. He remarried Mr. Walcott and had a beautiful little girl for him. A couple weeks later after Mr. Walcott visited Willy, Willy committed suicide as he hung himself in the laundry room.

© 2019 Clive Williams

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