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Peaceful Water

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As you walk into the forest you feel at ease.

You begin to take in the scenery.

You notice yourself feeling at peace.

Listening to the sounds of the forest one stands out the most.

You walk toward it and to get closer.

You see something amazing.

You see something so clear.

Then you get a little closer to see a creek.

You think to yourself, wow this is wonderful.

You begin to feel the air gently blowing through your hair.

As you relax your mind you think about the year you left behind.

You let go all the things that bother you.

You welcome all god things both old and new.


You continue to take in the view.

As you a walking you see a bridge and you cross it.

This view is new to you. You notice it getting more beautiful.

You begin to wonder could there be any other places like this one.

Feeling grateful you begin to thank God for the scene He has created.

You begin to list all the things you are grateful for.

As you are thinking you smile a bit and think of how happy you have become.

You think of the time when you found the one.

You still remember the first time he told you he loved you.

You know those feelings are still true.


Walking past the creek makes you stop and think.

As you are thinking you still feel happy and peaceful.

You realize you have so many things on your mind.

You think this is finally the time to gain some peace of mind.

Again your love comes to mind.

You think wow he is a wonderful man.

While thinking of your love you get inspired to write.

Then you wonder how this place looks at night.

You wonder what the stars look like from here in the forest.

You could only imagine what the moon would look like.

What does the night air feel like you wonder.

Would you need a blanket you ask.

Maybe your love holding you would be better.

Is it always this warm you think.

If you were to cross the creek what would be on the other side.

As you begin to stop thinking, you bring yourself back to that peaceful feeling.

You leave the forest with the sound of peaceful water running through your mind.

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