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Peace in the Light - A Short Story

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I'm a young author making a break in the world of writing. I have experience writing short stories, books, poetry, and reviews.

Peace in the Light

Soft music played in the background. A strumming guitar paired with an angelic voice prompted the young woman to hum along. Her arms were dusted with the flour that was supposed to be forming into a ball of dough. Flour never seemed to achieve its destined target completely.

After the pitter-patter of unnoticed footsteps, the arms of the woman’s lover wrapped around her waist. Her lover buried their face into the crook of the woman’s neck, pressing a gentle kiss onto her skin.

The woman paused her moving hands as a smile took hold of her face. She turned her head, prompting her lover to move back. Sunlight of high noon streamed in through the window and sent streaks of light across their faces. The light hit right at the green eyes of her lover, making them shine and sparkle.

She lifted her hand to her lover’s face, swiping a flour-covered thumb across their cheek. Her lover tossed their head back laughing and reached up to wipe the flour from their face.

“When will the bread be ready?” Her lover asked and unraveled themselves from their dearest.

“It hasn’t even had a chance to rise, hon. Now, I must cover the dough so it can work its magic.” She moved a few steps off to the side, reaching into a drawer to grab a clean dish towel. The dough was moved to a bowl and she placed the towel over the top. To create a better environment for the dough, she dampened the towel with the water from the sink.

“What I’m hearing is that we now have an hour to ourselves, uninterrupted by your bread children.” Her lover had a slight smirk while they moved into the way of the woman who just smiled while pushing them away.

The two had moved back into the stream of light, this time it shining over the lips of the woman’s lover. A breeze coming from the same window that allowed the light in blew through the hair of the woman. While her eyes gazed down at the mouth of her lover, they watched as her hair got pushed out of her face.

One song had moved to the next, a harp began to strum while hands clapped in a fun rhythm.

“Are you implying that you eat children? My own children as a matter of fact?” She laughed, finally forcing her eyes back up.

“Only if they are made of carbs and an assortment of herbs.” Her lover gazed out the window. “It’s so nice out, we should grab a drink and head out on the patio.”

With another smile and a small nod, the woman agreed. She poured them both large glasses of strawberry lemonade, the strawberries being grown from their own field, and they went out to the rocking swing.

The rising bread was momentarily forgotten as the two spent well over an hour rocking back and forth on the vine-covered swing which overlooked bright green fields. When their glasses emptied they became replaced with each other's hands.

While there may have not been any music playing, the sounds of life turning about filled the space around the couple’s heads. The two didn’t go back in until the light was about to disappear, but even when it did, the house continued to be full of peace and love.

That love would continue to be shown as the warm smell of bread filled the air and slices topped with jam were shared.

© 2022 EL Doll

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