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She woke up with a start; sweating, breathing heavily, and trembling with fear. The crumpled white sheets tangled on her legs did not help in comforting her and the silhouette of a man across her bed drained the blood on her face.

The screams she contained inside left her like rain pouring from her eyes. The sobs, the nightmares; her pure loneliness steadily kills her. Her own cries became her lullaby as she clutched the necklace she always treasured.

Her nights are always stretched so far in the horizon; it’s always dark and silent, yet a silhouette of a man stood at its very edge with his arms wide open. She could not reach him no matter how hard she tries, it seemed that every step she took made her one step further away from him. That’s when she could not breathe. The fatigue and agony has caught her in their nets and that evil grin they gave shook her awake.

The side of the bed that the man once laid was left cold and empty. The image of two smiling figures on the nightstand was long forgotten. Every time she opened the closet, there she finds that army suit that took her beloved’s life. She could not escape the wrath of the black clothes.