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Owed to Victoria Secret

Wear the red

Multicolored sequin trail across the top

hugging voluptuous curves

Blood red to exaggerate

Strappy stilettos with embossed teardrop

Raven black hair shimmies around shoulders


"Red," he whispers as she reaches for lipstick

Kohl-blackened eyes turn towards

Mischief dances within vibrant catlike pools

Another time, another place another

Blue silk hand-crafted lace of black along edges

Stiff bone ribbed within

Satin soft the barely there

Secret clings again to curves

Garter belts and stocking clad from feet to thigh

Silken red hair a mass of curls cups cheeks

Shorn close to the scalp in back

Parted front and center

Curls springing to life across the eyes touching cheeks

Who shall I be tonight she asks

Gentle love filled eyes turn as before

Tonight you will be the redheaded neighbor

Victoria's Secret unleash the passion

© 2017 Juliet Stewart-Austin