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Overwhelmed With Problems? Pretend to be Sherlock Holmes

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.


Margaret was staying with her spinster Aunt for a long time since her mother’s passing from a terminal illness. She had made it through university with flying colors and got herself a job in a renowned company, and she had been working here for a good many years. But tonight she lay awake at night thinking how everything came crashing down on her.

Pic: Cartoon Shadow Version of Sherlock Holmes that Margaret Pretended to Be

Pic: Cartoon Shadow Version of Sherlock Holmes that Margaret Pretended to Be

Margaret’s Problems

Margaret had hit a midlife career crisis. So how did it happen? She could no longer work comfortably at her office. Who was responsible? The entire company? Who was doing this? As she groped for an answer while she lay on the bed without sleep, the reality hit her. The truth she unfurled, positioning herself in the place of Sherlock Holmes, hurt her, and she cried meekly and helplessly. She found the truth, but the problem wouldn’t solve by itself, and she had to take action.

What Action Did Margaret Take?

After another week, Margaret could not carry on further at work. So she quit her job and stayed at home. Life felt very miserable. A guy she disliked from the company was attached to her. Everywhere she went, the guy followed and created problems. Sherlock Holmes-ing told her it was the same person behind the scenes responsible for this problem as well. She was in a fix about how to solve the problem. She couldn’t talk about her problems with anyone- yet, she dared not take her life away.

What was Margaret’s Next Attempt?

She tried for higher education abroad, and she knew the guy attached to her was doing everything to destroy her image wherever she applied.

What Did Margaret Do Instead?

She didn’t try going abroad any longer. She read self-help books. Then gathering knowledge and using her sense of logic and rationality, she started writing self-help books herself. She created a website and a Facebook page. Soon enough, she became popular in her surrounding world.

Now the attached guy got jealous and created more problems for her. What could be done?

How Did She Plan for Freedom?

Margaret wanted to rise one level higher and make her way abroad so that the knot would be broken, and she would be released and attain freedom.

She tried several ways. She prayed and recited the Holy Book. She read more self-help books and wrote also more. She also wrote short stories. She kept herself busy because now was all she would ever have. She badly wanted to break free from the asshole guy.

What Other Option Did She Have?

Maybe a marriage could help, Margaret pondered. Her psychiatrist had brought in a proposal, and she said yes. They would be coming from abroad but somehow her old company got the news from the attached guy, and they did everything to prevent the marriage from happening. The abroad guy stayed back looking for ways to communicate with her. His family had also come in anticipation of the marriage.

Who Was the Culprit After All?

Margaret’s Aunt didn’t agree to the marriage. She was also the root of all of Margaret’s problems. Unfortunately, Margaret didn’t have a father either who passed away years ago from a heart attack before her mother’s passing.

Now here was Margaret’s Aunt creating problems for her. Sherlock Holms-ing she knew everything but how would she outwit her Aunt? It loomed big enough inside her. The psychiatrist was also out of touch with her. But from a distant third party, she knew that the abroad guy was still here in the city and so was his family. The proposal was still valid.

Who could help? Because she hadn’t confronted them yet nor did she know where they lived in the city. The distant third party was also no longer in touch with her.


Margaret, take the author’s advice: Where there is a will, there is a way. Be strong. You can outwit your Aunt. Have faith and carry on. Continue to do your part of Sherlock Holms-ing. God helps those who help themselves. With this hope inside your angelic heart, please carry on.

Questions & Answers

Question: Could a mediator help? What was prompting the aunt with her interference? Margaret needed to get away from her aunt for her own sanity.

Answer: Margaret's aunt was too rigid and turned a deaf ear to anybody's advice. The best option for Margaret was to leave her aunt for good, which she was figuring out through the possibility of her own marriage. And the aunt's interference in Margaret's life could be that she was cunning and jealous of Margaret's achievements, success, and popularity in life.

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