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Out Cold On The Couch

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Comfortable And Tired

A good meal and a touch of a dessert

A recipe for a nap

With the news playing

My thoughts put on ice

As my eye lids flutter

Faster than the wings of a humming bird

My body so slow moving

I roll over to stretch my imagination

The breeze sending the curtains flying

My life is recorded in pieces

The center of my focus

Each day like a comedy

A go from complete silence

Turning into a play

Where there is drama

Leading up to my main event

With many days foggy like dreams

I search through all the facts

Being the best detective

Making the effort

Funding clues

Looking for ways

I am having some issues

With time in the back of my mind

Trying to redesign

What I expect out of this

Facing challenges with a unique perspective

Who am I ?

Taking confusion

Letting it a go

My expectations couldn't be higher

Taking I don't know

Confidence with lots of room for error

Asking myself many questions

How am I doing ?

Constantly taking ideas

Putting on my own spin

Surprising myself constantly

This is me !!!

Good work with curiosity

My concerns

Looking back at beauty

Finding what gives the most impact

When I am off

I fight an inner battle

An awful lot going on

Coming up

Trying to evolve to a higher place

I have to make sure

Going in a beautiful direction

Looking for validation

The over all look

This can work

I have to re craft

Streamline my thoughts

Following my excitement

I have days that go pretty good

Then other times I don't know what to do

I pull out a massage roller

Work it on my feet

Raising the bar

Receiving satisfaction in smaller proportions

Going back to sleep

To rehash old thoughts

With a blast of the new

Being my own best friend

What does this mean ?

What will I accomplish in the end

Doing what I started

Continuing what I know

Linking it up with all I don't know

Accepting the gap in between

As a learning curve

Always adjusting and living with the results