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Our Stars and Hearts, No Longer Aligned

Clown in the mirror

Clown in the mirror

Love is Blind! NOT

I rushed to be with you

with love on my mind

Until I saw you two together

the sight was very unkind

It seems our stars and our hearts

no longer aligned

Now I know that it is not true

“Love is not Blind!”

I saw what you wanted me to

you thought it would make me jealous

make me fight for you

But I can’t turn a blind eye

to the wrongs that you do

One thing you should remember whatever you do

I am my own person…

not an extension of you

I would rather have someone who is true

Love is not blind...

She saw that I saw her wrapped-up in you

and the sight of my hurt from your betrayal

gave her more pleasure than you

Now she,…

the tool that you used

to make me jealous

make me your fool

has walked out on you

A new love I found

to someone who can’t be faithful I am no longer bound

Love is not blind

maybe now you can see

The Clown in your Mirror

It’s not me

© 2017 Shyron E Shenko