Original Short Fiction: "Graveyard Whistler's Sixth Flash Fiction Find" (6)

Updated on May 9, 2020
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Short literary fiction is one of my areas of writing interests, so I dabble in composing short stories and flash fiction from time to time.

Country Road


Graveyard Whistler at it again!

The following set of five flash pieces comes from the literary site, "Stone Gulch Literary Arts," now abandoned by its curator, whom I call "Stoney" because he wishes to remain unidentified. I have his written permission to rewrite and post any of his stuff any way I see fit. He had maintained that lit site for close to twenty years and had accumulated a massive volume of creative writing, including poetry, short fiction, plays, recipes, songs, one novella, and several political treatises along with satirical pieces.

When I use Stoney's stuff, I rewrite it, changing it significantly even as I retain themes and points of view. It's a challenge but one that is offering a great literary education, as I continue to plod along as a PhD candidate in literature at a large mid-western university. Oh, by the way, I am now contemplating transferring to an east coast university that for now will remain nameless. A lot to consider about making this transfer, so it will not be anytime soon.

The Final Five Flash Pieces

This is the final installment of these flash pieces. It's been a hoot playing with these little numbers. I am looking forward to a new project though. I might return to these at sometime in future, but I'll write my own originals then. Enjoy!

Elvira Made Me Do It

Dorah stole $20 from her mom's purse and bought "Elvira," a $12 doll. Dorah's mom started to pay for a $7 jug of juice, but found that her $20 was missing. Dorah stood watching as her mom wrote out a check for the juice. Dorah's mom then saw that Dorah's face had turned red as a tomato. Dorah explains to her mom that Elvira made her do it.

Dripping from Sole to Crown

Alvin bought a new pair of boots and set them out back by the backdoor. Lora walked in, licking on a chocolate ice cream cone. Their mother then yells to Lora, telling her not to be eating before dinner. Lora slips the ice cream cone into one of Alvin's new boots. Alvin later pours the melted ice cream over his sister's head.

Peace and Quiet after a Storm

Jonathan began to scream and rage, seeing his paper clips scattered all over the floor. Matilda raged back at Jonathan, telling him to shut up and just pick up the damn things. Jonathan then raged again at Matilda's command. Matilda calmly let out her own string of commands. Jonathan stomped out of the house, never to return again, while Matilda enjoyed the peace and quiet.

He Said, She Said, He Said, & so forth

He said he had the measles. She said she did not believe him. He kissed her on the forehead. She said that was yucky. He said she was right.

Earlene Vesuvius

Earlene exercised hard to make mountains of her breasts. As she worked to enlarge her breasts, she worked to shrink her waist. Then Earlene came to find that she had an inner Earl. As Earlene worked to become Earl, he despised and was dismayed by Earlene's former obsessions. In all of his nightmares, Earl suffers the images of someday having Earlene erupt again.

Whistling Past . . .


Some good whistlin' goin' on!! Enjoy!

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