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Original Short Fiction: "Graveyard Whistler's Fourth Flash Fiction Find"(4)

Original short literary fiction, including satire, remains one of the writing genres in my literary toolkit. I do enjoy creating characters!

Whistling Past the Graveyard:  "To enter a situation with little or no understanding of the possible consequences."

Whistling Past the Graveyard: "To enter a situation with little or no understanding of the possible consequences."

Introduction by the Graveyard Whistler

The Graveyard Whistler at it, again! I continue to find pieces of literature that just blow my mind, so I feel compelled to share them. Thus, I am continuing with this series of little narrations that have come to be known as "flash fiction."

There are several online sites that offer this genre of literature, but most have upward of a 500 words or more. These little gems that I found seldom break 50, including the title! They exemplify an amazing feat and thus continue to fascinate me! I think I am in love!

And now I am considering a new label for this very, very short narrative. "Flash fiction" does not seem to fit. I'll get back to you on that. Maybe I could run a contest to get help me rename this genre. Maybe! Maybe! Maybe!

A Bit of Background

The following set of five that I offer here are reconstituted narratives based on a set I found on a site that no longer exists, "Stone Gulch Literary Arts," also known as "Stone Gulch Literary Home," whose owner has given me permission to use the literary offerings he had place on the site. He lost his interest in literature and will likely become an attorney once he finishes law school and passes the bar exam.

Interestingly, "Stoney," my nickname for him because he refuses to reveal his identity, sports a PhD in American Literature and serves as a full professor in the English department at a midwestern state university. He has given me permission to anything I want with his abandoned works.

And I might add, for my purposes, that lit site offers a treasure chest of goodies—from the flash fiction to highly sensual poems to short stories full of dark and dreary twists and turns to airy mystical stuff. It even delves into some political treatises analysis that is quite fascinating even insightful.

Five Flash Fiction Pieces

So, I am continuing to share the flash fiction pieces. Here are the new five. Each story contains only five sentences. But each boasts an opening, a conflict, and a conclusion—a feat which I am finding fascinating!

Getting Forgetful

The unsigned card arrived two days after Edna's birthday. The card was beautiful and very personal. But it gave no clue as to who had posted it. Edna asked relatives and friends about the card. Six weeks later, Edna's mother remembered sending the card.

A Country Picnic

I'll bring the tea, and Sue can bring the cake. Where should we have our picnic this year? Same as last year, at Eddie's Country Hide-a-Way. But Eddie sold that home. Yeah, I know; I bought it but kept the name!

Poems with Chunks of Ice

Winton wanted so much to become a famous poet. At college she became friends with Ashton and Flannory. Flannory became jealous that Ashton liked Winton's poems. Winton had no interest in Ashton, Flannory, or their poems. After graduation, Flannory left Ashton for a novelist.

Raising the Pane

Lucette did not understand English well. She hired Johann to help her with her English lessons. Johann asked Lucette for a raise to keep tutoring her. Lucette put up the window. Johann jumped out and never returned.

Of Course, You Don't Know Me

Candy brought six pies to the reunion banquet at Chicago Town High School. Jackson brought his fiddle and played it for the dancing. Astrid danced and ate pie and conversed with everyone. Martha finally admitted she did not know Astrid. Astrid finally admitted she had crashed the reunion and had actually graduated from a school in Toledo.

A Final Statement from the Graveyard Whistler

This installment features five of these flash fiction pieces. I'll continue to add more later. But I'll probably explore into other genres before I continue with these.

I am procrastinating hugely in writing my dissertation because at this point I am not finding as much information as I had anticipated on the topic of irony. I am considering changing my focus to a simple ideas of "variety" in the literary world because I am finding that literature, both ancient and modern contemporary, does offer such a wide array of different topics, genres, issues, attitudes, and styles. I could likely revamp a whole new glossary of literary devices if I put my mind to it, and I might just have to do that!

My advisor is somewhat dismayed at my dilly-dallying but hey, it's my life—not hers!

Literarily yours,
Belmonte Segwic (aka "The Graveyard Whistler")

Some good whistlin' goin' on!! Enjoy!

© 2019 Linda Sue Grimes

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