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Ophelia's Letters


If you think Alexander had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, then you haven’t heard my story. Before I begin let me introduce myself, Ophelia Hart, sophomore at Hillsdale High School, aspiring writer, and mini Olivia Benson in training, self trained that is, and I- “Lia watch out!” Ugh… am having the worst day. Ever.

“Lia it’s not that bad,” Xenia says,

“It could be worse, you could need a nose job.” She continues patting my back, attempting to console me. I move my black hair over to my left shoulder, and struggle to pull my petite frame up on the bed.

“The same thing happened to Lauren a few months ago, and she needed a nose job, but you won’t.” She says laughing. In one swift move she hops on the plush patient bed, and sinks down next to me.

“Xenia, could this day get any worse?” I ask,“I mean first the tree came through my window and now my face has collided with a locker.” I sigh, and fall back on the bed staring at the ceiling. I notice the crack forming in the ceiling, and sit back up in fear that it’ll fall on me next. Xenia falls back, practically dying at my action, and I can’t help but join her.


“Boo hoo, you poor thing.” I roll my eyes, Sadie Hamilton, “If you thought today was bad just wait until we get to Yale later today. If I were you I’d sail down West River and be done with it.” I froze up for a moment, I knew exactly what she was talking about, but how did she find out.

A while back some letters I wrote got out. By letters, I mean love letters, some that I wrote years ago. Thankfully none of them were recent, but one of the boys that recieved my letter wanted to talk to me. Just the thought of it scared the hell out of me.

“Don’t worry about me, Sadie,” I say confidently, “I’ll be fine.” She laughs and walks into the room closing the door behind her.

“Liam isn’t going to fall for your little love letter okay? We may have broken up, but he’s still mine,” she sneers at me.

“How did you find out? Why do you even give a shit?” I ask. I stand up and face her. Even though I do this I feel a pang of fear in my chest. Thumping like there’s no tomorrow, I’m sure Xenia can hear it, Sadie too.

“I don’t have to, I always get what I want. Besides Liam is mine, and always will be,” she says. Without another word she turns on her heels and walks out of the room. Whipping me in the face with her ponytail in the process.

“That shrew has another thing coming, Xenia, I swear,” I mumble more to myself then Xenia. I knew deep down she was behind my letters.

“Lia, how do you know she took the letters?” Xenia asks.

“The day before I found them missing she’d been at my home that night. Her dad, and mine go golfing together they thought it’d be nice to have a big dinner. At one point she needed to use the bathroom which is right next to my bedroom. Damn, I should’ve been a lot smarter about those letters,” I say, burying my face into my hands as I sit back on the bed.


Xenia rests her head into the crook of my neck and cradles me, rubbing my back not saying a word. Knowing I need the silence to think, but that’s ruined by the bell ringing. Xenia gathers her things, and gives me one last embrace before leaving.

I filter myself into the sea of fish traveling around the school. But one fish in particular spotted me out. “Ophelia,” the familiar voice calls. That voice sends a chill up my spine since I know who it belongs to. Liam Boykevich, I knew I’d run into him at some point just not this soon. “Ophelia Hart, what’s shakin’ bacon?” he asks playfully, nudging my hip. God, Liam. I smile, and feel my cheeks burn up.

“Just the worst day possible,” I say. He looks at me concerned, and notices the bandage on my nose.

“Shit, Lia!” he exclaims, “You walk into a locker or something?” I look away from him. His face blushes, realizing I’d answer his question. “Let me take you somewhere first.” He grabs my hand, and I could swear that my heart jumped into my throat. Numb and dumbstruck I follow him with no questions. My heart was fluttering as if it were a butterfly sprouting it’s wings.

Eventually, were in the athletics office. Sit in the most comfortable chair in the room while Liam fishes me some ice and a new bandage for my nose. There’s nothing said between us just the table, and the air we breath. Liam slides the table from between us and removes the bandage from my nose. Revealing my bruised nose, he didn’t flinch. He applied the ice to my nose I flinch slightly. He smirks a little.

“Enjoying my pain Liam?” I ask, snickering a bit.

“Is it bad if I do?” He asks, laughing. I lightly slap his arm. He looks away for a moment. And here comes the gut punch that ruins our moment. “Lia about the letter-” Damn, called it. “I wasn’t the only one was I?” At that moment I feel my face turn beet red.

“No you weren’t, there were only three. You were one of them, but look Liam, I wrote those a long time ago. If it doesn’t mean anything to you we can forget about it, pretend it never happened,” I say, breathless. What are you waiting for?

Later that afternoon we were on a tour of Yale’s campus. Yale is my dream school, and my ultimate goal, and so far I was on track. Xenia and I were whispering our plans to stay in the dorms together. We’d been saving money to buy dorm room decorations since eighth grade. Maybe Liam would join us, but I don’t want to jump the gun on something that serious yet. We hadn’t have our first date yet as a couple.

When it’s time for lunch we’re split into two groups, sadly leaving Xenia and I seperated. “Ophelia, it’s so nice to see you,” Sadie says sarcastically. This shrew again.

“What can I do for you Sadie?” I ask.

“Give up on Liam and leave Hillsdale?” She asks hopeful.

I scoff, “Not a chance you shrew, I wouldn’t bet my life on it.” She laughs at me, rather loudly.

“I bet you’d gamble your life to know how I got those letters,” She says smirking like Iago. She slinks to the other side of me, and nods outside to the benches far from the group. As reluctant as I am, I follow her. I follow her out of hunger for the truth. Now the shrew wants to confess.

We take a seat on the nearest bench in the shade. Cut to the chase Ophelia, it’s now or never. “So, tell me everything, although I’m pretty sure I had it figured out already,” I say, quite arrogantly. She looks at me still wearing that same smirk on her face, and waves her hand for me to tell. “It was the dinner a few weeks ago, when your family came over. When you went to the bathroom you snuck into my room and found the letters, then you sent them out.”

She chuckles at my story. “Sure Ophelia, whatever you want to believe. So tell me, how’d I find those letters so fast?” she asks. Damn, I never thought about that. “Maybe you should think about others for a change.”

“What are you getting at Sadie?” I ask, dumbfounded.

“I had a little help, but then again, it didn’t take much convincing before she flipped on you. I get what I want Ophelia, remember that,” she whispers to me.

My eyes start welling with tears as the disbelief ran through my hitting me in my core. Twisting the knife with a desire for bloodlust. The answer was in front of me all this time: Xenia.


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