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‘Only You’ (and You Only)


Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


There is a proverb that says, you reap what you sow. This story is about a young woman named Rachel James. She inflicted pain on a man that loved her with all his heart. Only life is like a boomerang because Rachel met a guy named Brad and fell in love with him, and karma returns to her what she delivered to another guy. Rachel is a big-time actress that many males fantasize about and long to love. She shared everything with her best friend Keisha, and she could see that Rachel desire Brad.

Rachel grew up in Los Angeles, born in a wealthy family. The mother was a writer and movie producer, and her father was an actor, producer and own a TV entertainment studio. She was a beautiful young woman with many talents. Rachel is a singer, make-up artist, model, actress, and writer. When males see her, they see a princess, and many wanted to earn her love. Rachel had long beautiful black hair, long slender legs, gorgeous brown skin, and a smile that can win almost any heart.

Brad was a handsome NFL football player. He was out of the only woman he ever loved to cancer. And for that reason, Brad felt life was unfair to him; he became bitter, where he toys with Rachel’s emotions and many other females. The unexpected hurt made Brad a cold, calculating, mean man that took every woman for granted.

Brad is sitting on a plane with a lot of time to reflect on why the one woman he loves dies of cancer. Monica underwent cancer for three and a half years, and sharing a future with Brad had remained undiminished. Brad has paid out millions, hoping to make plans for the future with Monica. He was traveling to Los Angeles just trying to deal with the death of the only woman he ever loved.

When the plane land, Brad saw an ad about a grand opening of a new movie called. “The day my life changed forever,” starting Rachel James. He purchases a ticket and sees the film. Only little did Rachel know, but the title of her movie was predicting her future. Brad desired to meet the woman that lit up the theater. He long to meet the young superstar almost every guy wanted to love. So. Brad walked over to Rachel and introduced himself to her. The moment Rachel laid eyes on Brad, she felled in love with him.

And after a bit of flirting, Rachel could barely keep standing. She felt like her knees were bucketing, and the rushing pounding of her heart made her feel like someone beating on a drum. It appeared as if it would jump out her breast. From this moment, Rachel’s life change forever, and not for the best.

Brad asked Rachel for her telephone number, and she was so delighted to give it to him. Two days later, he called and asked her out; she accepts; from that day, Rachel’s face comprises a look full of fear, wonder, excitement, and love. She was only moments away from becoming a person her family does not recognize.

Rachel and Brad begin dating. She paid the price of being in a relationship that is too costly. One that is abusive where a lifetime of emotional investment is involved. Rachel desired to have a loving relationship with Brad, and he was a man she loved with all of her. But a good relationship with him is challenging since he selfish and a lover of himself.

Rachel knew the relationship she shared with Brad was unhealthy, and she desired to gain the strength to get out. After all, Brad was at the root of her unhappiness instead of what she thought she wants. His words were abusive, and she felt torn whether to walk away or fight for the relationship.

The relationship is a step in the wrong direction, and things are so bad that everybody close to Rachel notices the sadness in her eyes. She has never been in love before until Brad. He is her first love, and the love is so strong that it gives a clear and bright message. Brad has taken advantage of Rachel’s love. He does not deserve her love; only a person who feels the same passion and gives himself the time to appreciate her.

Rachel’s love for Brad was so strong that her heart races at the sounds of his footstep; she longs for him. Her soul calls for him; his presence leaves her breathless. It is not the right love for her because it leaves her devastated, consumed by thoughts, and in depression. The pain she feels is like the snow. It is slowly melting everything she works for, disappearing into thin air.


It has been three months since Rachel accepts a role in a movie or did anything productive. Her fans have been searching and longing to know her whereabouts. Rachel’s parents and friends are concerned and longing to see her lovely smile. Her mother talks to her and attempts to assist her in a solution. Rachel told her she only needed time away from work to concentrate on her relationship. She spends most of her life in front of the TV screen, and she has not taken the time to live or love.

Rachel’s parents know it is so much more than what she is telling them. She is too ashamed to tell her parent the type of guy Brad is and strives to hide the abuse. Rachel knows she needs to let go of Brad, but she does not wish to let go. How could she want to hold something that cold and will bring about the downtrodden?

The depths of Rachel’s mind are telling her to look around, search and find another. Her heart said no. Soon your sadness will change to happiness. But how could her sadness be replaced with gladness? When she shares her life with a guy who filled it full of darkness. When Rachel deals with the pain, she will find the secret to inner peace.

One can not help but wonders how a man can take the strength of a beautiful woman who displays the force of wonder woman? If he is Rachel cryptophyte. When Rachel met Brad, she was a lovely, powerful woman with so much going for herself. Now she is struggling to get out of bed each morning. Rachel is at the end of her wits. She goes on a shopping spree, hoping it lifts her spirit.

While shopping at her favorite store Rachel meets this high school sweetheart that she lost contact with because of her busy work schedule. His name is Tristan, AKA ‘Honey Boy.’ Tristan receives the nickname ‘Honey Boy’ in high school because the girl was sweet on him. Only Rachel owns his heart. She never gave Tristan the love he deserves. Is this karma coming to Rachel because she treated Tristan the same as what return to her?

When Tristan sees Rachel, he walks up to her in recording time. He asks Rachel how she is doing and if she is married or in a relationship. Rachel said yes, in a relationship. But she lied and said the connection was excellent, withholding the truth from him about her awful relationship; she never wanted him to think she weak. Tristan still has the same love in his eyes that he had years ago when he looks at Rachel. He still views his ex-girlfriend as his African ‘Queen.’

As Rachel and Tristan were talking, he read her like a book. He knew she had the wrong guy in her life. It was overwhelming to him to note the love of his life in a relationship that makes little sense. Tristan reminds Rachel to surround herself with people who love and understand her; it is a scarce commodity. Rachel immediately understood what he shared with her; she needed someone in her life who brings out the best in her.

Shortly before Rachel and Tristan drifted apart, she betrayed him with a movie producer, who produced a movie she started in. Someone who was only looking for a one-night stand. She mentions the affair to Tristan, but he replied. A person never knows whether someone will be loyal to them until they are in a position to decide. Life has taught me that no one can control another loyalty. I forgive you for that, and I believe you will show commitment in the presence of another possibility. We are human, and when a guy knows what he wants, he will always love her frauds and all.

From that reply, Rachel realizes just how much Tristan loved her. Tristan heard the sadness in her voice despite her attempts to make him hear the excitement in her words. He invited Rachel to dinner so they can make up for how life is treating her. Although Rachel was afraid, she agreed. At 830 pm, they met at one of the five stars restaurants Anarbagh Beverly Hills. It was one of her favorite establishments, and Tristan desires to make everything perfect for her.

Rachel had a lot of built-up anger and frustration inside. She tires of a relationship that is going nowhere. It took Tristan thirty minutes in the conversation to relax Rachel and make her feel it okay to come and talk to him about anything. After Rachel shared the awful things she experiences with Brad, Tristan told Rachel information he never shared. He bombarded her with messages of regret and sorrow for her challenges. Tristan even told Rachel his love for her was so strong until the first year without her. He contemplated suicide.

Tristan ordered her favorite bottle of wine. Rachel felt like the weight of the world got up from her shoulders, and she experienced so much freedom that tears roll down her cheeks. And as she is listening to his words, she comprehends Tristan was like a bottle of wine - he was the best that improves with age.

Rachel was the type of girl that likes everything her way. She finds herself in one season looking and striving for the next rather than enjoying the moment. Finally, Rachel increases to understand that her life did not feel complete until Tristan walks back into it. She even perceived she loves him. Rachel never imagines Tristan to be the person to promote and assist her in embracing life. Yet, after a helpful conversation with him, Tristan was her hero, and old feelings surface with thoughts. Rachel thought her heart belongs to brad. Now she knows everything inside her is screaming to Tristan, Only You (And You Alone).

© 2021 Pam Morris


Pam Morris (author) from Atlanta Georgia on March 04, 2021:

dashingscorpio, I love reading that you think my Hub is interesting. However, I beg the difference. I believe whatever a person puts in life, it comes back in return. I agree with you. No matter who you are or what you've done you're going to have some "good days" and some "crappy days." That's just LIFE! But I also believe what brings about good days is when you do right and the crappy day comes from not doing right by someone or something. Thank you for your feedback. It is appreciated.

Pam Morris (author) from Atlanta Georgia on March 04, 2021:

Umesh Chandra Bhatt, Thank you for taking the time to read my Hub and reply sharing that you think it is well presented. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you on future Hub.

dashingscorpio from Chicago on March 04, 2021:


However I have come to realize there is no such thing as "karma".

No matter who you are or what you've done you're going to have some "good days" and some "crappy days". That's just LIFE!

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on March 02, 2021:

Well presented.

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