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Only Butterflies Are Free


Birds fill the skies,

getting a bird’s eye view,

of everything below them -

making swirls up above.

Emotions fill people,

both good and bad,

some days you want to smile

and other days you can only frown.

Friends are like diamonds,

the rarest ones,

stay and hang on -

sometimes for a lifetime.

The ones that are fly by night,

come and go -

in and out your door.

Everyone seeks love,

an emotion that we need,

to make life complete.

Until you find a love that’s true,

your heart will flitter -

like butterflies filling the summer sky.

Love can freeze like the winter ice

and thaw with the spring breezes.

Heat up with summer’s passion

and fade when the autumn leaves fall.

Love’s emotions are like waves upon the sea,

they lap against the shore -

then swirl back into the sea.

Whenever love like a colorful butterfly,

enters your life,

you want it to stay -

forever and a day.

But love is so unlike,

colorful butterflies -

dancing in a blue summer sky.

Catch a butterfly

and try to hold onto it,

before you know -

it will have danced away.

Love can hurt and break a heart,

so remember and never forget -

only butterflies are free.

© 2017 Gypsy Rose Lee