One Loyal Love

Updated on February 19, 2017
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Brian Gray obtained his degree in Language from Lee University and has been a published author and professional writer since 1985.

One Loyal Love

What is loyalty, and when cometh love?

Here in the night I lie and wait

For years of endless sway

To come full round

And make meaning of all I've learned,

Yet, alone am I


Let sight of pretty face

Cause yet another journey

To foolishly begin.

We drink, thus, deeply of

A mindless ale

That numbs like honeysuckle and lilac

Announce the Spring,

Trumpeting their subtleties for a moment

And ending too soon for our dreams.

Sweet words that were spoken

Soothed fires of my passion

And songs that seemed empty

Only moments before,

Fill wondrously, magically

With my ecstasy.

No, songs are not love,

It is loyalty

That is love,

And those I have left

Were but follies and vain.

Deep night of this moment,

Where is my love?


Would spurn

All others for me?

I lie unsleeping in this night's sounds,

And hear no voice but mine,


That I should know before I die

One day of being loved

By someone I loved,

And know that hell itself

Could tempt them not

To leave me for another.

Brian Gray August 20, 1993 1:43 am.

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      • Hanavee profile image

        Brian Gray 14 months ago from Pennsylvania

        always exploring,

        Thank you for reading this one and for grasping its intent. Love is a mystery, and true love even more so.


      • always exploring profile image

        Ruby Jean Richert 14 months ago from Southern Illinois

        Never to find the perfect one, one who will withstand all temptations and know he has found his place of love in this life is a beautiful concept. Never give up! Beautiful, heart wrenching poetry!

      • Hanavee profile image

        Brian Gray 14 months ago from Pennsylvania


        Few and far between is correct. When I see two people who work together and are still madly in love, I find that somebody on one side of that team has been a diplomat...a smart one.


      • Hanavee profile image

        Brian Gray 14 months ago from Pennsylvania

        Donna Welly,

        Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes, true love is hard to find, a mystery for sure. Is it only in the movies that true love is found and exists? Maybe it is something that takes work on the part of both partners. I have seen married couples who loved each other till the day they died, my mother and father being a perfect example, and being their child, I got to see the spats that happened behind the scenes while they were quick to get over these spats and go on loving each other dearly. From their example, and others that I have observed, true love must come from the willingness on both parties to work through their differences with lots of tolerance for the things the other person does that irritate. They weigh the outcome and decide that they would rather be together than apart, so they work on smoothing out the irritations mutually. If they can't achieve this, love loses.


      • threekeys profile image

        Threekeys 14 months ago from Australia

        Loyalty? Having each other's back? Being a team? It is hard. Few and far between. But a prized possession for sure.

      • profile image

        Donna Welty 14 months ago

        When I was much younger, I truly believed with all my heart in a soul mate. I had faith that we would find each other, it was our fate,destiny. I found him, and as hard as I tried to keep believing in my soul mate. The rude awakening was that he didn't believe in soul mates. I found that the sweeter and more I loved him, the less he cared for me. So, do we ever find loyal and lasting love? No, only in our dreams, and if we aren't careful they'll try to ruin them too.