One Hour to Go (Flash Fan Fiction) (The Purge)

Updated on June 28, 2018
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Mike is a delivery driver and extremely amateur writer living in Lakemore Ohio south of Akron, Ohio.

A Familiar Face

Another voice from the opening to the alley said, “don’t shoot… I’m coming down to talk to you.” A familiar face came into view. David recognized the young woman he helped a few hours ago escape from the guys dressed in gorilla masks. She had her hands up, but she also had a visible handgun on her belt. She said, “we’ve been following you for about two hours now trying to understand why you are out here.” She pointed to the girl saying, “we’re are taking the girl. My group goes around looking for people in trouble and help them…. well, most of them.” Two men came down the alley with a wheeled stretcher. They carefully picked up the girl and took her away. The girl said, “my name is Tianna. Maybe when this day is over, we can talk or something.” Tianna smiled then walked down the alley.


David used a dumpster to climb up to a fire escape than to the roof of a building. All the way up she sang a song to himself, “young girl get out of my mind. My love for you is so way out of line.” He hit the roof just as the sun crested over a building and a shot rang out. He felt it before he heard it. The round hit the armor plate in his vest and deflected off, but the force of the hit knocked him down. He already had a wound from a lucky round that found an unarmored part of his vest. He hit the roof and rolled to the left to a brick wall. David looked back to his bag with his ammunition and the Frankenstiened AR. He had the AK-74 with just one magazine, his Glock-17, and his knife. Three more rounds hit the roof then the gunfire stopped. He looked over at the bag then to where the shots came. As if whoever that was shooting could read his mind the gunfire restarted and struck the bag multiple times.

Open wounds

The fall opened his shoulder wound, and he was out of bandages. David couldn’t go back to the fire escape without exposing his back, and he didn’t know if he could make it to the other fire escape. Across the way, he heard a voice saying, “come on out and meet God's wrath.” More gunfire then, “The Purge is the next flood that will sweep the wicked cleansing the earth for the pure.” David thought about how the crazies always thought they were righteous. Whoever that was he or she was on their roof, and he was on his. More gunfire erupted from another roof, but it wasn’t aimed at him. The first batch of crazies was now in a firefight with another batch. David thought about the wallet. Marcus had turned on him, but he did so to protect his family. If he waited less than an hour he could go and see what happened without the fear of being shot.

Making His Way

He took a chance and went back for his bag. The gunfire between the buildings was keeping his new friends busy and not shooting him. David grabbed the bag and made it to the fire escape. Halfway down David opened the bag. His AR was still workable with a few more dings, but it wasn’t like it was ever pretty. All but one of his magazines had irreparable damage. That left him with thirty rounds for the AR, and whatever was left in the AK-74. Everything else in the bag was shredded. David took what rounds he could from the damaged magazines then left the bag. He hit the street and made his way back to the building where he left Marcus and his family at gunpoint. David stopped at the corner where they had their showoff against the angry mob. The building where they had some help from a shooter that vanished after the firefight was about a story higher than their building.


The shooter was on the ground with a hole in his head. He had a bible next to him and a rosary around his neck. He had an M-14 rifled on a 308 with two full magazines and five rounds in the magazine on the rifle. David unhooked the scope and looked over at the rooftop. Just as he looked, someone, tossed a man off the roof. It wasn’t Marcus. David could see Marcus’s wife and two children, the woman and three kids from the people they rescued with the man he was calling the father lying dead on the street. One of the children was laying face down on the roof. Two men had another child bent over a raised part of the roof killing her in a different way. David did a quick count and came up with seven targets and order of importance. He would have to take the ones near the family first with the two that have their guns up and ready being one and two.


Marcus looked over as the two men raped what he was sure was an early teenage girl. She had stopped crying and hadn’t made a sound after they tossed her father, Brady, off the roof. Two of these men came up with the family acting like they needed help but instead, they had called their friends, and soon he found himself overrun. They had told him if he did nothing to help he and his family would survive, but after watching what they did to the first child then the other he almost wished he had fought. One man took his wallet with a promise to find him if he somehow overpowered the men on the roof. The little girl just stared at him as they raped her.

Times Up

One of the men said, “OK time is almost up, so everybody stand near the edge.” Marcus said, “that wasn’t the deal.” The man struck Marcus in the throat, and he went down. He said, “you can jump, or we can shoot you but either way you go off the roof.” Marcus looked up at the guy then over at the girl. He thought just maybe this was some sort of justice. The first man cocked his head as something shot out from the other side. He fell as a shot rang out. Then the other man with his gun pointed at them fell over with blood shooting from his head. The two men with the girl were next with both getting rounds to the head, then the two by the fire escape. The final one dropped his gun and put his hands up. From behind the teenage girl came up behind him and they both went off the roof together. David didn’t want to take a chance, so he loaded a fresh magazine in the rifle. He waved to Marcus and Marcus waved back. The alarm went off, and the Purge was over for the year.


There will be a short sort of afterward covering the hour after the Purge when civility returns, and people start to pick up the pieces. The next one will cover another idea I had for this world where people pay to have a safari like hunt for a prize during a Purge. It will be different people from this series of shorts. I have a bad habit of finding characters I like and not wanting to stop writing about them. This also means that David will return. Thank you.

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    • mike102771 profile imageAUTHOR

      Michael Collins aka Lakemoron 

      7 months ago from The Village of Lakemore, Summit County, Ohio

      Hello Doris James-MizBejabbers

      With something like the Purge, you most likely wouldn’t have just one enemy it would be more like trying to walk through a madhouse after someone gave the patients caffeine and firearms. This story is also dependent on the first three stories (Four Hours to Go, Three Hours to Go and Two Hours to Go). That is where we met the other characters such as Marcus. Also, I didn’t want to have the typical good guy. After all, we never learned about why David was out on that night. I hope this helps.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      7 months ago from Beautiful South

      I read it, but I'm still shaking my head. It is written very ambiguous.


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