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One Day at the Coffee Shop—Flash Fiction

Chitrangada likes to express herself by writing fiction and poetry. Her writing reflects her mood and is inspired by the beauty of nature.

“A lot can happen, over a cup of coffee.” -Author Unknown

“A lot can happen, over a cup of coffee.” -Author Unknown

Weekly Word Prompt--Fate

This flash fiction is in response to the Weekly word prompt challenge by Dear friend and fellow writer, Brenda.
Brenda is a well known creative writer at HubPages and other online writing platforms. She has been inspiring and motivating the fellow writers, with her weekly word prompts. There has been a continuous flow of wonderful writings, in response to her word prompts, each one unique and wonderful.
“Fate” can be interpreted in many ways, and I have come up with a flash fiction, to emphasise, how “Fate” is at work, in our lives, when we don’t even realise it.
I hope, you like my response, Brenda.

One day at the Starbucks coffee shop

One day at the Starbucks coffee shop

One Day At The Coffee Shop—Flash Fiction

‘Take care and send me a message, once you reach your office.’ Anita’s mother said in a little anxious voice.
‘Okay, Maa. Don’t worry. I will do that,’ replied Anita, almost in the same tone as her mother’s.
This was a regular scene, when Anita left for her work. But, today Anita was a little late, while leaving for the metro train, and was a bit worried that she might miss the 8:30 train. But, she rushed and reached the metro station in time.

Anita had a regular bank job in the busy Connaught Place area of New Delhi.
Each morning, she took the 8:30 morning Metro train from her East Delhi residence, to reach her office. It took her twenty minutes to reach the metro terminal, and then another ten minutes to walk to her destination.
Everything was good, when she reached the office.
But, it didn’t take her too long to find out that her small purse was missing.

She had her Identity card, credit cards, driving licence, along with some cash in it. Obviously, Anita was upset, as she searched all along her other belongings.

Did she miss it at her home, or did she drop her purse along the street, or the train?
She was anxious and called her mother too, but wasn’t able to make out, as to where she had lost it.
While she was busy looking for her lost purse, just then her phone bell rang, and a deep male voice asked, ‘‘Am I talking to Anita?’’

‘’Yes, I am Anita. Who is this?’’ asked Anita, to that unknown caller.
‘’Well, I am Raj. I was travelling in the metro train, and I have found a small purse containing some valuables— —.’’
‘’Oh My God!’’ Anita was so pleased to hear this, that she didn’t even let him finish his sentence.

‘’I can’t tell you how much relief your phone call has given me. Where are you? Can I come and collect my purse from you? I need those documents urgently.’‘ She was almost impatient.
“Yes, of course you can. I am at the ‘A’ block of Connaught Place, and I can see in your Identity card, that you are working at Connaught Place itself. In fact, I found your contact number from your card only.” Raj said in a calm tone, which Anita really liked very much.
‘’Yes, I can walk up to A block. Can we meet there somewhere?’’
‘’Yes, why not? Let’s meet over a cup of coffee at Starbucks, A block. In around half an hour—will that be fine with you?’’ asked Raj.
‘’Sure.’’ confirmed Anita.
Starbucks coffee shop, has a caption written in it’s shop.

‘’A lot can happen over a cup of coffee.”

Well, who knows—-.

Raj, was working as a software engineer, in a multi national company, at the commercial hub, in the always busy Connaught Place, Delhi.
He hurried towards the Starbucks coffee joint, at A block, where a new chapter of his life was about to begin.
So, Anita and Raj met and chose to sit at the corner table.
It wasn’t difficult for both of them to locate each other.

The pleasantries were exchanged, and both of them had a feeling that, something was happening, something which they had not felt before.

Like most of the girls, Anita was impressed by Raj’s mannerisms and his sense of humour.

Some instant admiration and attraction was at work, for both Anita and Raj.
They talked on many topics, and had some common interests.
They liked each other’s company, and didn’t realise that it was almost an hour at the coffee joint.
Anita received a call from her colleague, and although she was reluctant, she had to leave for office.
She thanked Raj, again and again for her purse and her valuable documents.
No prizes for guessing that their coffee meetings continued for many days, till they realised, that they were meant for each other.

“Fate” arranged ‘their‘ meeting

”Fate” made them meet.
Had Anita not lost her purse, had the purse not been found by Raj, they wouldn’t have met. But, ‘Fate’ was at work.

As they say, when two people are destined to be life partners, they meet sooner or later. And, it doesn’t matter, wherever they are.

Love is a magical phenomenon. If two people are destined to be together as life partners, then they will meet each other, sooner or later, somewhere- - -.

Love is a magical phenomenon. If two people are destined to be together as life partners, then they will meet each other, sooner or later, somewhere- - -.

How Do We Define or Describe’Fate?”

What is ‘Fate’?
There can be different ways to define, Fate.

  • It can be described as a predetermined, unavoidable chain of events. These events can be pleasant or unpleasant.
  • Sometimes, it can be according to the natural laws of the universe, where we do not have any control. We can loosely describe, Fate as things or events happening, outside of your control.
  • For example, meeting a person, who would be your life partner, by chance.
  • Love is a magical phenomenon. There is a divine will, if two people find each other. If two persons are destined to be together as life partners, then they will meet each other, sooner or later. It doesn’t matter, where they are located, they will find each other, because it’s their ‘fate.’
  • While Fate and Destiny, may sound similar, but they are not.
  • Fate is perhaps predetermined by the universe, by the cosmos. But, you can shape your Destiny, by making the right choices.

“May be our mistakes are what makes our fate.”

—Carrie Bradshaw.

“Nothing happens by chance, by fate. You create your own fate, by your actions. That’s Karma.”—Author Unknown.

“Life is what happens to us, while we are making other plans. Fate is sometimes strange, sometimes predictable, and sometimes unpredictable.” —Author Unknown

© 2021 Chitrangada Sharan

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