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On the Curb

I was born and raised as a country boy in the rural Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. I love the art of writing..


Tommy was just yelled at by this mother. She was getting so tired of him asking for a dog. She works long hours and feels that she doesn't have the time or the money to spend on a dog.

Tommy was sitting on the curb in front of their house. Tears was streaming down his face, he didn't seem to know if he was crying more because he couldn't have a dog or the way his mother yelled at him. Tommy was seven years old and he felt that he could care for a dog. It wasn't like he was a preschooler.and had no knowledge. For several hours he sat on that curb on the bright and sunny Saturday morning. It didn't feel bright and sunny for him though, it seemed dark and dreary.

He looked up and saw something coming down the street. As it got closer he could see it was a beagle. Tommy loved beagles so much. His uncle had one and every time he went to his uncle's house he would play with it by the hour. The beagle came up to him and sat down right in front of him. The beagle tipped his head from side to side and finally the beagle said, "Why are you crying?"

Tommy said, "I want a dog, but my mother won't let me have one."

The beagle said, "I know how you feel, my owner treated me badly. He often hit me and abused me. I know he didn't love me. One day I just left. I have been living on the streets for the last 6 months. I get scraps of food whenever I can and I sleep where ever I can find a spot. It has been tough, but at least I am not beaten anymore. Would you like to be my friend?"

Tommy smiled and brightened right up. "I sure would," he said. "You really can talk can't you. I never knew a dog could talk."

"I only talk with someone that I like. It is a secret between you and me."

Tommy picked the beagle up and laid it in his lap. He petted and petted it for the longest time. Tommy finally said, "Where will you go now?"

The beagle snuggled up close to him and said, "Would you like to take care of me. I could stay here."

Tommy said, "My mother would get mad, so we have to keep it a secret just between us. I will sneak you into my bedroom at night and give you something to eat. What is your name?"

"Give me one, my owner just called a pain. What would you like to call me?"

"How about if I call you, Lucky. I think we are lucky that we found each other today."

Tommy and Lucky became the best of friends. Tommy took care of Lucky and Lucky was so happy to have a home. For three months, Tommy fed Lucky and would sneak him into his bedroom and they would sleep together in Tommy's bed.

When his mother would knock on his door and say, "It is time to get up, breakfast time." Tommy would let Lucky out of his window for the day. They continued that routine for several months.

One Saturday Tommy's mother woke up and instead of knocking on the door she decided to open the door and see if Tommy was still asleep. Looking in she saw Tommy and Lucky snuggled up close to each other. Instead of getting mad she got the biggest smile on her face, they looked so cute together. She walked in and sat on the bed. "Tommy, wake up honey."

Tommy woke and and looked scared. "Are you mad, Mommy?"

"No, not at all. Who is your friend?"

"This is Lucky. We found each other one day. His owner used to beat him so he left home."

"How do you know that?" His mother wanted to know.

Tommy said, "He told me, he can talk Mommy."

"Now come on, you know dogs can't talk," she said.

The beagle lifted its head up and looked at Tommy's mother. Lucky got up and sat on the bed. Lucky said, "Hello, Mrs, Wilson, it is a pleasure to meet you."

Tommy's mother's jaw dropped open and she said, "A talking dog, I am speechless."

Lucky came over and licked his mother on the hand. Tommy's mother now ended up with two children, Tommy and Lucky. Lucky now had a permanent home. The three of them were never happier. Mrs. Wilson would often watch Tommy play with Lucky. Lucky would often be curled up in Mrs. Wilson's lap as she was watching TV. It was a wonderful and happy family.