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Olympus Has Fallen: The Battle Begins

Jurica is currently a student at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. An amateur writer and a football fan.

Olympus has fallen: The battle begins


(Prometheus is lying on the ground. Zeus is circling, anger visible on his face. He yells)

Zeus: “This! You give them fire! Humans! Who do you think you are?!“ (he kicks Prometheus in the stomach, so he groans)

Prometheus: “They... deserve... to know.“ (Can hardly say the sentence, keeps sighing and trying to catch breath)

(Zeus gets angrier by this, visible on his face, starts to circle around Prometheus faster)

Zeus: “No! We are gods! (punches his own chest multiple times) We are, not them! (Crouches next to Prometheus. Takes Prometheus' head and turns it, so he looks at it.) “You...“ ( Zeus suddenly calms down. Releases Prometheus' head and laughs a little. Gets up and moves away a bit.) “You were. Now you will pay the price.“ ( Says that ice cold.)

Prometheus: ( Still sighing in pain) “You'll punish me? After everything?“

(Zeus looks at him with no emotions on his face.)

Zeus: “You'll be bound here on this rock for all eternity. So you never get a chance to betray me again.“

( Lowers his voice) “You were like a brother to me. Sorry.“

( Fear on Prometheus' face takes over. He tries to flee, but can't. Zeus ties him to a rock, then walks away.)

Prometheus: “Nooo! Zeus! Zeus!“ ( He keeps on yelling, but Zeus had already left the scene.) “I will get my revenge! I will return!“


(Rhea knocks on the door. Zeus opens and looks at her surprised.)

Zeus: “Mother... I didn't expect you here.“

Rhea: “We need to talk.“ ( She storms in, leaving him standing at the door, clueless) “ I heard what you did to your brother.“ ( Her eyes burn out of anger, but she speaks calmly)

Zeus: “I did what I had to. He had to be punished for that.“ (He answers sure that he did the right thing)

Rhea: “No. Release him. He has done a lot for you, helped to defeat your father. Forget his one mistake. Moreover, Titans are not happy...“ ( She sits down while saying this, as calm as she can be)

Zeus: “Ha! Not happy! With what?“ ( Gets closer to Rhea, clearly upset) “I will not bow down to Titans and I will not release him! He betrayed me. ( Looks right in Rhea's eyes) Now, please go home, mother. ( Points his finger at the door)

Rhea: “As you wish, son. ( She looks at him with a sad face) “Sure...“ ( She says quietly and exits the scene. Zeus sits down, still quite upset by this)


(Phoebe and Theia running towards Gaea, who is sitting with her eyes closed, thinking)

Theia: “Gaea, Gaea! Can we please speak to you?“ ( She says panting)

(Gaea opens her eyes and stands up. She looks at the two goddesses)

Gaea: “Yes, dear? It happened?“ ( Looks at Theia with understanding)

Theia: Coeus is dead. ( Says with sadness in her voice, but briefly.)

Phoebe: “Hyperion as well.“ (Phoebe adds, both nervously waiting for Gaea's reaction. But Gaea stays calm)

Gaea: “Zeus, right?“

(Phoebe and Theia both look down)

Phoebe: “Yes. He's gone mad. Murdered them in cold blood. We don't know why.“ ( Theia nods her head, confirming everything Phoebe said. Rhea comes onto the scene, behind the three goddesses)

Rhea: “I know.“ (Then she sees Gaea and keeps her eyes locked on her) “It's because of Prometheus. I told him Titans aren't happy. Looks like he has decided to take you all out!“

(Gaea listens carefully. Phoebe and Theia sit down, next to Gaea)

Gaea: “We can't allow this to continue. I don't want another war. Rhea...“ ( She looks at Rhea)

Rhea: “He won't listen. Not now.“ ( Lowers her voice and looks around, at all the goddesses.)

Theia: “Did something else happen? I can't believe he'd went on a killing spree just because of one disagreement?“ ( She asks carefully, others agree, all eyes are looking at Rhea. She bites her lip)

Rhea: “Athena.“ (The three goddesses look at her confused, then Athena comes, she looks at everyone)

Athena: “I released Prometheus.“ ( She looks down, closes her eyes. Gaea stands up)

Gaea: “But why? Zeus is your father! ( Everyone looks confused)

Athena: “I... I love him. And, he didn't do anything wrong. I just...“ ( She sighs and looks down, as Gaea decides)

Gaea: “War it is then. There is no going back for Zeus, his own daughter went behind his back. We must prepare to attack the Olympus. Attack is the best defense.“ ( She says confidently, then adds pronouncedly) “Bring me Prometheus.“ ( They're all dismissed, Rhea and Athena walk away together.)


(Aphrodite is looking out the window, deep in her thoughts. Hestia starts walking towards her.)

Hestia: „Aphrodite?“ ( Comes to Aphrodite, stands next to her)

Aphrodite: “Yes?“ ( Keeps looking out the window)

Hestia: “What's wrong, dear?“ ( Asks carefully, puts her hand on Aphrodite's back)

Aphrodite: “Father and Athena. He'll start a war. She told me... Titans are coming... and she's with them. ( Covers her face with hands.)

Hestia: “Oh my... But why is she with them?“ ( She looks surprised)

Aphrodite: “It's my fault.“ ( She walks away) “Come, let's go to Zeus.“

( Hestia looks confused, but doesn't ask any more questions, just follows Aphrodite)


(Athena sits by Prometheus as he's getting dressed)

Prometheus: “It's ok. Zeus lost his mind a long time ago.“

( Athena looks at her hands)

Athena: “I... I didn't want this... ( She's uncertain of herself, him, or anything)

Prometheus: “Hey, look, you did the right thing. I know he's your father, but... it's the right thing to do.“ ( He looks at her, then away)

Athena: “I guess...“

Prometheus: “Titans don't like me, you know that. Listen, we won't let them rule if we win over Zeus. We'll rule together. ( He smiles, looking for her to smile back)

Athena: “Okay. I trust you. Let's go to Gaea now.“ ( She starts to leave, but he's quicker and kisses her at the door)

Prometheus: “I won't kill him. Promise.“ ( She smiles lightly)


( Aphrodite and Hestia come to Zeus. He's nervously walking up and down the room)

Aphrodite: “Father...“ ( She looks nervous when talking to him)

Zeus: “Good you're here. We need to defend. I know Titans are coming.“ ( He stays ice cold while saying that)

Aphrodite: “I'm sorry, father. I'm sorry.“ ( She breaks down in tears) “Athena left... because of me! I helped them to fall in love... I didn't know! I didn't know she'll choose him over you!“

( Zeus stays calm and emotionless)

Zeus: “Great.“ ( He sits down)

Aphrodite: “I'll stay with you father.“ ( She says then backs up a bit)

Hestia: “Leave us alone, Aphrodite, dear.“ ( She speaks calmly and with understanding. Then she looks at Zeus and he looks at her. They don't say a word, just hug) “I'm with you whatever happens, brother.“

( Zeus just nods with stone like expression on his face. Like he knows, he understands, and he is ready.)

Zeus: “They are here.“ ( They both look down, at the Titans that gathered, with Prometheus leading the way)


( Titans stand in front of Olympus, Zeus' temple. They have swords and spears. Athena is with them, looking straight at Zeus. Zeus is looking at her for a short time, but then his eyes meet Prometheus')

Prometheus: “ Surrender brother, it's over!“

Zeus: “I defeated a thousand gods, what makes you think you can stop me?“ (Zeus bursting out with anger, clouds in the sky turning darker)

Gaea: “I'm disappointed in you Zeus. You were destined to rule all, and now this. You aren't up to the task.“

( Hestia and Aphrodite come and stand next to Zeus, Aphrodite holding a knife in her hand)

Zeus: “Bring it on!“ ( He yells, looks furious, and starts to throw lightning bolts with his bare hands at the Titans)

( Titans avoid his bolts and charge forward, as do Hestia and Aphrodite. Gaea stays at the back and calls Theia and Phoebe. They come to her and she gives them instructions as the noise of metal and magic shuts their ears. Lightning bolts and shocks fly around.)

Gaea: “Phoebe, kill Prometheus after the battle. Theia, you get rid of Athena, only Titans can rule. I had enough. Understood?“

Phoebe and Theia: “Yes, Gaea!“

( They all run into the fight, with Athena fighting Aphrodite and Zeus fighting Prometheus.)

Aphrodite: “You traitor!“ ( She punches Athena in the face, but Athena returns and Aphrodite hits the ground)

Athena: “I'll kill you, sis.“ ( She swings her sword, but Aphrodite stabs her in the stomach with a knife. Athena falls over, next to her sister. Aphrodite looks at her, scared, and runs away. Zeus sees his daughter on the ground, and sadness overwhelms his face. He pushes all the Titans out of his way and runs to Athena, barely breathing. He takes her hand and almost cries. Rhea and Phoebe come from behind and try to knock him out, but he screams loud into the night and throws more lightning bolts at them, hitting Phoebe in the face. She falls down, dead. He gets up and fights all the Titans, as Hestia fights Prometheus. He finally breaks her down, and she hits the ground. She isn't dead, just injured. All the Titans run away, and Prometheus rushes to Zeus and kicks him so hard Zeus falls back inside the temple, knocking the walls down in the process. Aphrodite runs to Prometheus with her knife, but he elegantly avoids it and stabs her heart with his sword. She falls down, with Zeus watching in disbelief)

Aphrodite: “I'm... sorry.“


( Prometheus and Zeus are alone in the temple, with Zeus on the floor and Prometheus circling around him)

Prometheus: “Well, brother, seems like Olympus is mine.“ (He's looking at wounded Zeus)

Zeus: “You killed my daughter...“ (He speaks through pain, Prometheus raises his voice)

Prometheus: “So? She almost killed Athena! And do you care, huh? Do you?!?“

( This enrages Zeus, and he gets up to his feet and starts throwing lightning bolts at Prometheus)

Zeus: “My family!“ ( He throws a bolt) “You ruined it!“ ( Throws another one, Prometheus avoids, and starts moving closer with his sword) “Betrayed me! Urgh!“ ( His lightning bolts are not precise at all anymore, just hitting walls. Prometheus comes running and punches Zeus hard)

Prometheus: “No! It's your fault! Your anger and hatred got in the way!“ (Zeus is lying on the floor, with Prometheus punching his face. Zeus lost all his energy, doesn't fight anymore. Prometheus swings at him with his sword, but he hammers his sword right next to Zeus' face) “I'm not the one killing you, brother.“ ( He leaves Zeus lying there and rushes outside to Athena. He crouches next to her and sees she's still alive and conscious. He smiles) “It's OK, it's OK. Zeus is alive, Hestia too. Just Aphrodite...“ ( He hugs her tightly)

Athena: “You killed her...“ (As soon as she said it, a sword from behind thrusts her chest and she drops dead in a second. Prometheus' eyes open wide and then he moans as his throat is cut by a short dagger. He falls to the ground right next to Athena.)

( Phoebe and Theia did their jobs, and Gaea walks towards them with an evil smile on her face.)

Gaea: “Now I rule the Olympus.“

Zeus: “I don't think so. Olympus is mine, and it always will be. All the Olympian gods belong to Olympus, Titans don't! Prometheus was just a pawn in your game, huh? And my daughters? Collateral damage. But they'll be okay with Hades, yet I'm not so sure for you“ ( Hestia hears that, and joins him. Rhea steps out and comes to her son's side. It appeared as if he was sane again) “Get lost, Titans! Olympus will never fall to you!“

( Titans walk away, heavily outnumbered. Hestia comes to Zeus)

Hestia: “Olympus is yours.“

Zeus: “I made a mistake and my daughters paid for it with their lives. Hestia, Olympus is yours. I failed as a leader, and now I have to bring my daughters back from the Underworld- that's the only important thing to me now. You can deal with the Titans. I have to go see my brother. “

Babić, Jurica

This piece was performed in a school. I made it 3 years ago, and now I'm bringing you a refined and improved version of it. Please check out my other stories as well! Thanks!

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