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Oh Boy Do I Love Bacon

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Breakfast Is Ready

I'm waking up slowly

My arms stretched out over my head

My head nestled deep into my pillow

A light sheet tossed over my lifeless body

A comforter flipped hanging half on and half off the bed

My wife repeats for the third time breakfast is ready

This time I mumble but only a few words come out

O.k. I'm up

Thinking to myself

But am I really

What was the last thing I remember

It was like a wild night for those people who love to drink

A great evening of dancing and celebration

For those sports enthusiasts

A baseball game of two great teams who play their hearts out

Going into extra innings and the score is still tied five to five

What a game !!!

For me it is a wonderful feeling after incredible love

Topped off with my wife surprising me with a delicious breakfast

Scrambled eggs, English muffin and four strips of crispy hot bacon

A glass of apple juice ,vitamin and a banana

Hundreds of images flashing through my head

The connection of two spirits

Who bond on so many levels

Remembering all the good times

That brought us to this point

The inner heat of passion

That fills every inch of my body

A sweet satisfaction

Like eating a soft Carmel chocolate

I didn't realize

I was hungry for food

We burned a few calories and worked up an appetite

I am just enjoying happiness on all levels

An early morning kiss and a hug

Adding a final stamp of approval

Another day speeding forward

In a direction that we both dreamed

Taking an ordinary day

Finding new ways

Making life speechless

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