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Off to Bed

Shuffling Her Feet Across The Floor

I will be there soon

I just have a few lines to write

While they are still fresh in my mind

I hear the muffled words I'm tired as she rounds the corner

We were both were up early

Now before my eyes collapse

I must concentrate

Finding a quick way

Gathering my thoughts

Just like when I rake the leaves

I collect them in one area

I reach for a lot and I get a little

A very productive day

Going to work and I still found some extra time to do a little reading

Creating the thoughts I love

I repeat them in my mind over and over many times

Fulfilling my dreams through a series of different means

Like the internet

I use live streaming

Instant access to every possibility

I believe and keep trying to make happen

Trying to coincide my energy to find perfect timing

To give me the best results possible

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